You’d think it would be the surfing duck, and not this, but this made me laugh more.

In the Telegraph Blogs, which are just the best place for campaign news:

Never work with children, animals or people who rent their homes. Mitt Romney yesterday visited a good hard-working family in Land O’Lakes, Florida to talk about the economy and give the media a chance to show his fireside touch.

As he chatted to Lenny and Marcy Guenette in their living room about the challenges facing families, the ex-governor of Massachusetts asked if they were feeling the pinch with their mortgage.

“Not really, we sold at the peak of the market because we realized our house would never be worth any more, and now we’re renting,” explained Mr Guenette, who works for a firm that makes circuit boards.

Mr Romney asked if there were any foreclosed homes in their rather pleasant suburb.

“There is one,” said his host, adding: “Actually we are thinking of maybe buying a foreclosure. If we don’t buy someone else will.”

Oops. The man who would be president nodded, fixed his grin and mumbled something about how good it was they could spot an opportunity.

Hilarious! But God protect us from people who think running for President is a good idea.