Telegraph – Barack Obama’s wife knows she’s formidable, by Liz Hunt

I just hope she doesn’t decide she needs to act on her formidableness. I like Michelle Obama (so much, in fact, I think I’d actually rather her husband win than John McCain, but that might be the heat of the moment (Florida’s exit polls) speaking), and that would ruin things.

Post-Florida results Update:

Okay, here’s what’s going to happen. McCain, god… McCain… is going to win the nomination. And so, please, is Obama. So it’ll be a cranky old idiot up against the guy who married Michelle Obama (if anyone out there happens to know about all the skeletons being ignored by the media in her closet, please, for pity’s sake, don’t tell me what they are, not now). Which will be disasterous and people will get killed. But then four years will pass and Giuliani will run again and he. won’t. be. as. idiotic as he was this time around. And then everything will be alright. We’ll laugh and frolic and hold hands and prance through meadows, and everything will be happiness and light.

Peter says of all the candidates McCain’s the only one he’s never liked.

Btw, I’ve been thinking: since I just announced to Peter “I’d rather commit seppuku than vote for John McCain,” that’s actually alright since I vote in California, right? And since Peter votes in Washington, that’s okay too. Right?