Telegraph – Pilot pinned down after ‘invoking’ God on flight

Horrified passengers on a Heathrow-bound flight watched as their co-pilot was manhandled from the cockpit after suffering a mental breakdown 30,000ft over the Atlantic.

The aircraft was less than an hour from London when the first officer began “acting in a peculiar manner and talking loudly to himself”, according to one source.

Sean Finucane, a passenger on the flight, said the co-pilot “just wanted to talk to God”, adding: “He was yelling loudly but didn’t sound intoxicated.

“When they tried to put his shoes on later, he swore and threatened people. He was very, very distressed.”

One British passenger, writing on the website, said the co-pilot was pinned down in seat 12A – a window seat in the first row of the economy class section.

“It was quite an experience!,” wrote the passenger. “He was being restrained in 12A and the entire mini-cabin could hear the whole thing. Not for delicate ears.

“The soldier and the doctors [who were passengers] were great.”

The writer added that the flight crew was “calm and professional throughout.”

Strict regulations meant the pilot, who had to fly the aircraft solo, had to wear an oxygen mask for the remainder of the flight.

Well, that’s kinda fun. Since nobody ended up at bottom of the Atlantic, that is.