So we hiked downtown (and back!) yesterday afternoon to watch Juno, and: I really, really liked it. The main actress was great (and cute!), her not-quite-boyfriend was great (and still cute!), her best friend was hilarious, her dad was awesome, and her step-mom was just beautiful. But the first, maybe, twenty minutes or so are way raunchier (language-wise, not origins-of-miracle-of-life-wise) than the rest of the movie, which might, when one leaves the theater in a warm, fuzzy glow of happiness and love, keep one from immediately mailing bootlegged copies to everyone one knows.

But my favourite part was that they were nice to Jennifer Garner‘s character. It’s so easy to make a person like that the butt of all the jokes, which is what most shows do. So even though they were lightly teasing of her personality and the house she lived in and all that, they still treated her with a lot of sympathy, and she got to be the good guy. Plus Jennifer Garner was just perfect for that role.

Meanwhile, in blog news: Peter killed the search tool because it was getting spammed. I thought it would be spammers searching for pr0n or aspestos and then start spamming those entries, but apparently it’s a script that just goes brute force on any form or whatever that might be some kind of feedback which was doing awful, awful things to my GPU usage, and since Media Temple charges according to GPU usage, and since it’s more expensive than Small Orange to begin with, and since we haven’t put my tipjar back up yet, things were getting a little tense. So Peter killed it till he can figure out how to stop the spammers.