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Absolutely the Funniest Item of the Day CLXII

That Dave Lee guy again: EARTHQUAKEEEEEE!!!! Lincoln turns to Facebook. Friggin hilarious!

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There's Been an Earthquake!

Caution: some mildly humourosly bad language. From Dave Lee. I like this comment, from “lewko”: The BBC were probably trying to find a Palestinian spokesman to blame the Jews. Curtsy: Tim Blair.

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Royal Harry

The Times – Tour de Force<br/> The public should salute Prince Harry’s deployment in Afghanistan The decision to revisit such a delicate issue and to deploy to Afghanistan in secret was also right – and imaginative and bold. It reflects well on the Army for taking a clear-eyed view of Prince Harry’s usefulness not just […]

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Happy Friggin Leap Year

It just occurred to me: Leap Years happen every four years. Presidential campaigns happen every four years. Presidential campaigns happy on even years, but the actual date of the presidency (far more important since people will probably talk about Bush 2001 – 2009 for far longer than they will Bush Cheney ’04) happens on an […]

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Hurray for Harry… Boo Drudge.

That didn’t take long Times Online – Prince Harry aborts Afghan mission after web leak Emergency plans to extract Prince Harry from Afghanistan were being drawn up tonight after the news leaked that he had been on a secret combat tour in Helmand province since before Christmas. After being denied the chance to serve with […]

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VDH On the Entirety of Everything

VDH – The Future with Europe The Swiss newspaper Junge Freiheit interviews VDH There are way too many tidbits in this, and tons of snide and catty comments I could intersperse among them. But then this post would be ridiculously long and everything would get lost. So read the whole thing. But I had to […]

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My President Friday

Time – Geldof and Bush: Diary From the Road, by Bob Geldof I gave the president my book. He raised an eyebrow. “Who wrote this for ya, Geldof?” he said without looking up from the cover. Very dry. “Who will you get to read it for you, Mr. President?” I replied. No response. The Most […]

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Hurray for Harry!

Times Online – Breaking – Prince Harry serving on ‘secret’ mission in Afghanistan Prince Harry, third in line to the throne, has been on a tour of duty with the British Army in Afghanistan since before Christmas, it emerged today. The Prince has been on active duty in the country since mid-December, working as a […]

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Okay: Liechtenstein

I’ve been seeing little hysterical bubbles popping all over the British press all week and finally, here’s what’s going on: Telegraph – Liechtenstein and Europe’s taxmen, by Harry de Quetteville Liechtenstein has lovingly carved out its reputation for secrecy since the Second World War. Its financiers are now fabled for their sorcery in keeping riches […]

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Just Keep an Open Mind, Canadians

Daily Tech – Temperature Monitors Report Widescale Global Cooling Twelve-month long drop in world temperatures wipes out a century of warming Over the past year, anecdotal evidence for a cooling planet has exploded. China has its coldest winter in 100 years. Baghdad sees its first snow in all recorded history. North America has the most […]

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The Pope's a Historical Costume Nut Too, I See

This makes it official. The red velvet Santa hat was only a hint. Telegraph Blogs – Holy Smoke – Pope’s new look: pre-Tridentine baroque, by Damian Thompson An amazing sartorial revolution is under way in the Vatican. Benedict XVI has junked the trendy tat worn by recent Popes, and on Palm Sunday will wear brand […]

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Harriet's Heros

The Times – Murderous dictators: cool, huh? Why does the Left still worship Fidel Castro and all his appalling fellow communists? by Daniel Finkelstein I had a strange idea yesterday. I had the idea of inviting Harriet Harman home for dinner. This isn’t a thought that occurs to me often, but I suddenly felt it […]

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Dangerous Dogs and Misguided Youths

Times Online – Warning over street gangs who use savage dogs as status symbol Youth gangs in cities throughout the country are starting to use macho-looking dogs instead of knives and guns to defend their territory. … Norman Lamb, Liberal Democrat Health spokesman, is now demanding a review of the legislation covering dangerous dogs. Of […]

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Mole, Ratty and Badger: City Planners for London

The Times – Let’s get building underground<br/> London has a treasury of unused tunnels. Why not use them, like other cities do? by Kit Malthouse (a businessman and former Tory councillor and is standing for the London Assembly in 2008 (a Tory!)) Other cities have of course been burrowing for years. In Canada, they face […]

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Breaking: Hillary Clinton Does Not Have Economics On Her Side

This one’s a riot. The Times – Hillary Clinton manufactures a strategy to win blue-collar votes — but it’s risky. Bronwen Maddox: World Briefing Hillary Clinton is playing a tricky game in questioning the advantages of free trade in her attempt to win over blue-collar workers before the votes next week that will determine whether […]

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