If you are having trouble getting email to or from India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, or the Middle East, it’s probably because a badly dropped ship anchor has damaged an undersea Internet provisioning telecom cable in the Mediterranean, disrupting Internet service throughout India, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, and the Middle East. The cable, belonging to Flag Telecom, was badly cut when a ship anchored off the cost of Alexandria was told to anchor in a place that was not their usual anchor location – resulting in the anchor dropping on the cable.


He said a company had been asked to repair the cables but that “for the time being we don’t know the cause. The two cables are a kilometre (over half a mile) apart and we don’t know what could have affected both at the same time.”


Many readers are reporting that a third undersea fiber optic cable has been cut, apparently caused by another wayward anchor. It looks like Iran has completely lost Internet connectivity.”

Well, that’s peculiar.

I like to think that James Bond managed to unhook the garder belt of all three Brazillian super models at the controls of the supertankers’ anchors, or else, in the case that it’s usually a dude at the controls of a supertaker’s anchor, that Jason Bourne just broke his arms. But there’s also the possibility that the Mullahs were all, “Heavenly virgins, the rope to hang all these bloggers is getting expensive. Whoops! There goes router1.iust.ac.ir!”

(God wouldn’t it be hysterically funny if Dick Cheney waited until there was no turning back but still one day of primaries left to open a can of Dick Cheney on Iran?)