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Mole, Ratty and Badger: City Planners for London

The Times – Let’s get building underground<br/> London has a treasury of unused tunnels. Why not use them, like other cities do? by Kit Malthouse (a businessman and former Tory councillor and is standing for the London Assembly in 2008 (a Tory!)) Other cities have of course been burrowing for years. In Canada, they face […]

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Breaking: Hillary Clinton Does Not Have Economics On Her Side

This one’s a riot. The Times – Hillary Clinton manufactures a strategy to win blue-collar votes — but it’s risky. Bronwen Maddox: World Briefing Hillary Clinton is playing a tricky game in questioning the advantages of free trade in her attempt to win over blue-collar workers before the votes next week that will determine whether […]

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Plague Rats For a Better Olympic Games

The Times – Cats are out as Beijing starts to preen itself Animal welfare activists in Beijing are up in arms over a decision by the city government to clear the capital of its stray cats as part of a sweeping Olympic facelift. No one knows exactly how many homeless cats roam the city’s streets […]

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Few Decades Late

The first Communist to win a free election anywhere in Europe, ever: Dimitris Christofias, incoming President of Cyprus.

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The Mexico of Europe

…Used to be Ireland. The Sunday Times – The forces driving the middle class into exile<br/> It is hard not to suspect that educated people are leaving because they are giving up on this country, by Minette Marrin According to new figures from the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development, Britain is going through the […]

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Sunday At the Movies

This morning we went downtown to see Be Kind Rewind, which was good. It started a little slow in the beginning (“Is it going to be Jack Black doing this all 94 minutes?) but got really good when they started making the movies. And then we ran some errands and jumped on a bus for […]

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Triple Grande Soy Half-Caf Connection to History

The Times – Cafe Society<br/> Coffee houses have become the new place to work, rest and play It is a fitting revival for a meeting place that has shaped history, commerce, literature and revolution. Lloyd’s began life as a coffee house in London offering insurance for the British empire’s merchant fleet. So did London’s Stock […]

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Elevate Me In Thine Eyes

The Telegraph – John McCain, Obama and America’s problem ‘Certainly America does need to restore its authority in the world.” If a politician had said this five years ago, we would have assumed that he was anti-American, or at least strongly hostile to the Republican Party. But the comment comes from William Hague, the shadow […]

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Duke of Edinburgh’s MI6 Assassins Writing in the Telegraph Under the Name Craig Brown, II

Telegraph – The Fayed Book of Nursery Rhymes (Part II), by Craig Brown Best this time: Georgie Porgie pudding and pie, <br/> Kissed the girls and made them cry<br/> When the boys came out to play, <br/> Georgie Porgie phone his official spokesman<br/> And say, those other boys, they did it, <br/> I give you […]

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More NHS Coverage Restructuring

Telegraph – Artist hanged herself after aborting her twins An artist killed herself after aborting her twins when she was eight weeks pregnant, leaving a note saying: “I should never have had an abortion. I see now I would have been a good mum.” Emma Beck was found hanging at her home in Helston, Cornwall, […]

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Organizing Labor for a Usable Wage

Telegraph – Ipswich victims drug addicts, not ‘sex workers’, by Vicki Woods I’m still enough of a feminist to feel disquiet about headlines saying “Slayer of prostitutes found guilty”. I did back in the Yorkshire Ripper’s heyday (“Now he’s targeting INNOCENT women”) and I still do. Innocents, prostitutes – they’re all women, I think crossly. […]

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When In Africa, Dance as the Africans Do

…In Monrovia, Liberia. I love the reaction from everyone. Update: Damn, I think we should get these signs too. Update II: Incidentally, it’s in the low nineties in Monrovia all week. And a crisp 87 in Tanzania today. I think I perhaps would have preferred to go to around July. Where temperatures might only rise […]

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1389 and All That

Slate – The Serbs’ Self-Inflicted Wounds<br/> WITH KOSOVO INDEPENDENT, YUGOSLAVIA IS FINALLY DEAD. by Christopher Hitchens But how did it begin? In fact, Kosovo has never been recognized internationally as part of Serbia. It was only ever recognized as part of Yugoslavia, and with the liquidation of that state Serbian claims upon its territory became […]

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Decrepitude By the Numbers; or, I Hope McCain Laid Off the Cigars

Good grief: Telegraph Blogs – Trail Mix – A word of warning for John McCain, by Alex Spillius …[Castro] he may be the antithesis of everything McCain believes in but at 81, he is ten years older than the Arizona senator… Okay, I haven’t thought of that. But, so, if he’s been dead for three […]

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One Man's Angry Violent Bin-Laden Fetishist Illiberal Medieval Religious Fundamentalist is Another Man's Human Rights Activist

LGF – Burn a Danish Flag, AP Calls You a ‘Human Rights Activist’ Honestly. Speaking of flags and our favourite Religion O’ the News: Telegraph (Tuesday) – Kosovo will need more than a new flag Reuters – Rioters burn U.S. embassy, Serb president urges calm One protester climbed up to the first floor of the […]

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