In a presser on the “Special Envoy to the Organization of the Islamic Conference“:

Q Any thoughts on Buckley?

THE PRESIDENT: I just had the — I just hung up with Christopher Buckley, the son of William F. Buckley. I expressed Laura and my sadness over the passage of this very important figure in American political thought. He was a great author, a great wit and a leader. And Chris said that his dad died at his desk. And I asked whether it had been a — I know it’s a painful experience for Chris’s heart, but he said that his dad died a peaceful death, and we got to thank God for that and thank God for his life.

Q You once said Buckley moved conservatism into the Oval office — that he moved conservatism from the margins of American society into the Oval Office.

THE PRESIDENT: No question, he was a — one of the great political thinkers. He influenced a lot of people, including me. And he was — I can remember those debates they had on TV, and he was so articulate and he captured the imagination of a lot of folks because he was — he had a great way of defining the issues. It was erudite and yet a lot of folks from different walks of life could understand it. And he’s a big figure in our history, and he’ll be missed. And we ask for God’s blessings on his soul. Thank you.

That’s nice.


Well, The Corner this afternoon will leave you in floods of tears.

Update II:

A couple more links, with their own links to other links:

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That one’s got a video, actually. But it’s an hour long so I haven’t watched it yet.

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With some links.