VDH – The Future with Europe The Swiss newspaper Junge Freiheit interviews VDH

There are way too many tidbits in this, and tons of snide and catty comments I could intersperse among them. But then this post would be ridiculously long and everything would get lost. So read the whole thing. But I had to include this as a taste:

No, I don’t think Europeans are “unrealistic.” They are instead canny in fabricating a utopian veneer and a sophisticated humanistic rhetoric to mask everything from cut-throat trade policies to a complete abrogation of international military responsibilities.

Americans, in contrast, are the naive ones. They spend billions trying to jump start democracy in Afghanistan and Iraq, while being blamed as “imperialists.” They keep the peace on the high seas, whether in the Persian Gulf, the Aegean, or the Korea Sea, and run up enormous deficit in the international free commerce that ensues. And they open their markets to almost anyone, and run on enormous massive debts that encourage a China or India to enter the international system of commerce and trade.