NUT. They’re called nuts.

The Times – The Army must go into schools Rule one: never underestimate the vacuous posturing of the National Union of Teachers, by Magnus Linklater

Yesterday the NUT debated a motion that stated that: “Teachers and schools should not be conduits for either the dissemination of MoD propaganda or the recruitment of military personnel.” The motion, not surprisingly, was passed. One should never underestimate the vacuous posturing of the NUT.

Strip away all the concern about “glamorising war” and it is clear from the debate that the very presence of military personnel in schools is anathema to the NUT. One delegate in a speech said: “Let’s just try and imagine what that recruitment material would have to say were it not to be misleading. We would have material from the MoD saying, ‘Join the Army and we will send you to carry out the imperialist occupation of other people’s countries’.”

Lord. What about the dangers of letting these people into schools to glamorise idiocy.