Since Peter arrived last night, I’ve been doing more touristy things: dinner last night at Leilanis, a day bobbing around in the ocean and wandering around Lahaina, an evening daubing lotion on the bits of me I didn’t touch up properly after bobbing around in the ocean… (damnit!)

But lest you think I wasn’t getting any sightseeing in before Peter came, au contraire! For instance, the first day I was here, driving around an industrial estate in Kahului looking to see a furniture store about a mattress, as I flipped a u-turn in a parking lot I saw, in front of the gas tanks and behind the drive-through box:


And then on Monday, when I pulled into the far-flung bit of parking lot I’ve grown attached to here with my few new gallons of paint, I saw a family of these things bopping around the parking lot, till I got out and started photographing them, which is when they headed for the bushes:


And that was after admiring the view of the West Maui Mountains from the parking lot at the Home Depot:


And yesterday, waiting for Peter’s plain from the patch of brown dirt outside the airport designated a “cell phone lot”, I kept hearing a cock-a-doodle-do, and, craning my neck to see out the windshield at various angles, couldn’t see where it was coming from. Then I saw something out of the corner of my eye and, right outside my driver’s side window:


So there, you see? Even those spending their Hawaiian Holidays on the Kuihelani Highway can sight-see. I should write a guidebook.

Anyway, sorry blogging’s been so erratic. Without proper planning, execution is always difficult, and as the execution girl in this little operation, executing my duties of execution has been difficult. But Leilani at the front desk has taken all my unwanted furniture (even the vertical blinds! and they’re 30 years old!), and stuff is FINALLY being delivered tomorrow, so hopefully things will start to take shape. And I’ll have more time to tend to the blog.