The Times – Hillary Clinton; fibber in chief<br/> Her blatant deceit over Bosnia, among other lies, is about the last nail in her coffin, by Gerard Baker

Someone once noted that the thing about the Clintons is that they will choose a big lie when a small lie will do, and choose a small lie when the truth will do. Most of the time they get away with it. But occasionally, an inconvenient truth, like a blue dress with DNA on it, or some forgotten news footage, shows up and damns them.

The Bosnia misspeak, unnecessary as it was, revealed much, however. It helped to expose a much bigger untruth Mrs Clinton has been peddling throughout the Democratic primary campaign – that her time in the White House means she has the necessary foreign policy experience to be president.

First Ladies don’t acquire real foreign policy experience. We know that Mrs Clinton did not, as she claimed, play a large role in the Northern Ireland peace process, that she was not, as she claimed, a key voice in counsels on the Balkans, and that she did not even have security clearance in the White House for the most sensitive of conversations about national security.

So the problem with the ripping yarn about the Bosnia snipers is that it offers hard evidentiary disproof of improbable claims about her role during the White House years.

With this latest deceit stripped away, there is not much left to Mrs Clinton’s disintegrating campaign for the Democratic nomination. It capped a bad week for her, a week that might have signalled the end of her hopes.