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Wikipedia – Pineapple

The word “pineapple”, first recorded in 1398, was originally used to describe the reproductive organs of conifer trees (now termed pine cones). When European explorers discovered this tropical fruit, they called them “pineapples” (term first recorded in that sense in 1664) because it resembled what we know as pine cones. The term “pine cone” was first recorded in 1694 to replace the original meaning of “pineapple”.

I mean, what a paragraph. The structure, the detail, the information within…

I’m serious. Wiki does this to me sometimes. Every once in a while they have these authors which are just seriously good writers.

And I love that people out there are interested enough to know this stuff.

See, what I’m doing is, I bought these things today, called “adagi”, and they looked intruiguing, so I bought a styrofoam package of them. Then just now I wikied them to see what they are and they’re “sata adagi“, fried donuts of Okinawan origin. Cool! So then I see that they’re mostly based on Chinese cuisine. So then I look up a recipe to see what’s in them, and one of the ingredients in the recipe that Wiki links to is vanilla. And I think, “Vanilla isn’t Asian”, and if it’s based on Chinese cuisine, there shouldn’t be vanilla in it, or at least not the recipe that Wiki links to. So then just to be sure, I Wiki vanilla, and see it’s native to Mexico. Then, curious, and my mind wandering in that direction, I Wikied pineapples, because I’d just read somewhere where they were native to, but couldn’t remember precisely. So that’s why I’m reading about pineapples. Not because I’m in Maui and I’m all “pineapples are totally Hawaiian ‘n stuff!”.


It’th good.