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Jeepers, Creepers

The Times – Scientists stare into eyes of a giant squid The biggest squid to be captured had a face that only a mother, or perhaps a marine biologist, could love —- until, perhaps, one had gazed into its eyes, which were said yesterday to be the largest on the planet. Heh. After days of […]

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Sarko and Me Both, Bébé

Telegraph – Nicolas Sarkozy blames the generation of 1968, by Henry Samuel These same students erected barricades on the Left Bank to break free of buttoned-up patriarchal French post-war society. They were followed by up to 10 million striking workers in the biggest such mass movement the country has ever known. It all fizzled out […]

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Equalized Monarchy

Ooh, this one’s a hum-dinger! Telegraph – The Queen cannot be equal with anybody, by Andrew Roberts Only last week [Vera Baird, Solicitor General] was opining that “what we have to do with the Royal Family is to integrate them as far as possible into the human race”. Her intention was to achieve this by […]

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Children, Cry Out

(Originally an update to a previous post): Okay so, I kept thinking, “Are they going to track down anyone who can say what happens to a person if they go through their entire growing years without seeing the sun?” Well they finally tracked that person down… The Times – Austria: scale of the physical scars […]

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Absolutely the Funniest Item of the Day CLXXIII

The Last Days of the CHRC<br/> Curtsy: Brett McS. (The audio track isn’t completely orphaned. If mein ears don’t deceive me, the “like TRUDEAU!” line went over the line “mitt STALIN!”)

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When It Rains It Pours Rats

Even Peter says this is a bit too many rats for his taste: The Times – Plague of rats brings threat of famine to millions in Mizoram Millions of people in India face starvation after a chilling local prophecy, which predicts that a plague of rats will overrun a region of the country every half […]

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Asking What's With Austria and Sex Dungeons

I was going to ignore this story because I thought it was just really sad and not worth making harder for everyone involved to get away from later, but but but: The Times – Austria: ‘We have to ask what’s going wrong’ But we should save our pity for the 18-year-old youth and his two […]

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Oh! Cool Robotic Limbs!

LGF: The person who wrote this will undoubtedly thrive on the attention, but if you’d like a glimpse at the dark dead end of leftist thought, here it is: F*CK THE TROOPS. So, 4000 rubes are dead. Cry me the Tigris. Another 30,000 have been seriously wounded. Boo f*cking hoo. They got what they asked […]

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Wallowing in Godwin's Law and Playing Splashy-Splashy

Macleans – Please send more complaints<br/> Otherwise how will our taxpayer-funded hate police manage to keep their cozy sinecure? By MARK STEYN Indeed, the principal ingredient unique to the pre-Hitler era was the introduction of Jennifer Lynch-type hate-speech laws that supposedly protect vulnerable minorities from “unspeakable acts.” You might as well argue that Weimar’s “reasonable […]

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Modern Treason

Telegraph – Sex and the City ditches New York for London To the shock of the show’s American fans, the hugely-awaited new movie version of the show is to premiere not in New York – but in London. I don’t think even Adam Gadahn would stoop so low. Or at least in the eyes of […]

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My Firstborn Shall Be Called… Theo

The Times – ‘Don’t insult me, I can tell fiction from reality’, by Theo Wells, aged 14 To me, Grand Theft Auto is about freedom, not violence. As the name of the series suggests, the best way to spend time in this virtual, “no-consequence”, world is to steal yourself a nice car and drive it […]

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Blogger Discovers She Who Must Not Be Linked Must Not Be Linked To

Power Line – SEASON OF THE WITCH Lord. These big bloggers really ought to look in on us small bloggers sometimes. We can save them a whole heap of time.

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Rich Rock Star Discovers Disease and Poverty in Africa: The Movie

I don’t usually blog about Madonna, certainly not twice in one week, but I thought this was rather insightful on a larger scale: Fox 411 – Madonna Film: Kabbalah Propaganda Condescending? Yes. Unknowing? Oh, you’d best believe it. Naïve? Eminently. The pièce de résistance came after the screening, when one audience member asked what our […]

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ninme Reaches for the Oxygen Tank

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Business Endorsed: Zappos.com

On a whim, I bought shoes to go with a dress I haven’t bought yet. Yesterday at about 4:00 I placed the order. At about 6:00 I got an email about shipping that I glanced at but didn’t actually read since they all say the same thing. This morning I got an email that had […]

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