On a whim, I bought shoes to go with a dress I haven’t bought yet. Yesterday at about 4:00 I placed the order. At about 6:00 I got an email about shipping that I glanced at but didn’t actually read since they all say the same thing. This morning I got an email that had been sent at close to midnight last night that had a tracking number.

I just got the damned shoes. It’s 11.30 in the morning. The UPS lady doesn’t even come this way until 6 or 7 at night usually.

And this from a company that has free shipping and free returns. Turns out the email I glanced at but didn’t read announced that:

Although you originally ordered Standard (4 to 5 business days) shipping and handling, we have given your order special priority processing in our warehouse and are upgrading the shipping and delivery time frame for your order. Your order will ship out today and be given a special priority shipping status so that you can receive your order even faster than we originally promised!

Oh, and you might be wondering, as I did when I saw the logo on the box, “Is Zappos based in Seattle?” Yeah, that would help explain things, right? They’re in Kentucky. I made the order at 7 pm. I just don’t understand how this happened.