Even Peter says this is a bit too many rats for his taste:

The Times – Plague of rats brings threat of famine to millions in Mizoram

Millions of people in India face starvation after a chilling local prophecy, which predicts that a plague of rats will overrun a region of the country every half century, appears to have come true. Thousands of tribal families in the state of Mizoram on the Burmese and Bangladesh borders are struggling to feed themselves after being overrun by hundreds of millions of rats — a deadly natural phenomenon known as mautam.

The rodent population boom follows the heavy flowering of a local species of bamboo, an event that occurs every 48 years and provides the region’s rats with a feast of high protein foliage. Once the animals have ravaged the bamboo, they turn on local crops. …

The mautam is unfolding amid wider concerns over South Asia’s ability to feed itself as world prices for staple foods soar. Rice prices on the global market have spiked as much as 40 per cent since January. In Dehli’s markets rice prices have risen by a fifth in the past six months, according to the Finance Ministry.

Good lord. That’s awful.