BBC News Magazine – What is karma?

Sharon Stone claims the earthquake in China is the result of bad karma for its treatment of Tibetans. Is her definition – “when you are not nice, bad things happen to you” – correct?

You know, I’ve been thinking about this. Since her principal hang-up with the Chinese is their treatment of Tibet, and since Tibet is Buddhist, and one of the things the Chinese aren’t keen on is Tibet’s Buddhism, maybe using a Buddhist concept like Karma to say something as obnoxious as that isn’t a really great idea. But then I think we’re all used to the notion that Sharon Stone isn’t the brightest robe in the monastery.


Daily Mail – Dropped like a stone: Dior axes Sharon ads as she says sorry over ‘quake karma’ comment

“Due to my inappropriate words and acts during the interview, I feel deeply sorry and sad about hurting Chinese people,” Stone said in the statement.

“I am willing to take part in the relief work of China’s earthquake, and wholly devote myself to helping affected Chinese people.”

Stone said she had worked in international charities for the past 20 years and wants to help Chinese people.

• Law of karma holds that actions have consequences<br/> • Ethical intention behind an action affects outcome<br/> • Other factors also come into play

Actions: Hollywood actress recants her statement.<br/> Potential kharmic outcome: She makes lots and lots of money off the Chinese.<br/> Other factors: She’s still an idiot and the Chinese aren’t that stupid.

Meanwhile: Plight of Tibetans unchanged.