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Robot Beloved

Two more reviews. The first grudging: Wheat & Weeds – Hello, Wall-E The second teary-eyed: Lileks – Bleat Tying the two together, in Lilek’s post: As for the ecological message: a few people got undie-bundies over it, but for heaven’s sake it’s a parable. Any civilization capable of interstellar travel isn’t going to be done […]

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Bobby On the Road Again

The Telegraph – Africa needs to act over Zimbabwe The abhorrent spectacle of Robert Mugabe being inaugurated as president after Friday’s sham election has prompted widespread revulsion, nowhere more so than in Africa itself. The days when Mugabe could rely on the embarrassed silence of his neighbours as he trampled on the liberties of his […]

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Fairness Roundup

…With comic! Wheat & Weeds – “Radio Drama”

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Raffish Bill's Varying Expertises

The Sunday Times – Yes, it’s messy, but toppling Mugabe may be the only option, by Martin Ivens How Bill Clinton brightens a room. Last week he dropped into town to celebrate Nelson Mandela’s 90th birthday. One minute he was hobnobbing with Elton John and Robert De Niro at a charity dinner – corporate tables […]

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Part-Timers Cash It In

The Sunday Times – This equality for women is an injustice for men, by Minette Marrin Harman proposes to replace a “thicket of legislation” against various different kinds of discrimination with a single duty of equality covering everything from race and gender, through religion and belief to sexual preference and age. That seems reasonable, and […]

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Happy Goats and Dangerous Immigrants

Rod Liddle in The Sunday Times (I’m skipping the item about how pedophilophobia (hey is that a word yet cuz it should be) is poisoning relationships between children and adults): The BBC which was once, according to the former director-general Greg Dyke, “hideously white” has now become equally hideously black. Samir Shah, an executive director […]

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Exotic Preambles to Banging Our Heads Against the Walls

Telegraph – Zimbabwe: Leftists to blame for Robert Mugabe’s blood-letting, by Simon Heffer A few years ago, when the tyrant of Zimbabwe was moving from being wicked to being downright evil, I wrote that we should invade Harare, depose him, and supervise free elections. Invited to appear on a BBC programme to defend this stance, […]

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Super Cinerama

So I’m heading downtown later to go see WALL-E with Peter and most of his office at the Cinerama. So I wanted to call to ask about how best to avoid the downtown-movie-theater lines (love ’em, but not at dinner time), and on their webpage is: Investor, philanthropist and Seattle native Paul G. Allen has […]

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Daily Mail – Sex and the City Boy: Champagne, cocaine and prostitutes – in the Square Mile Telegraph – Hugo Chavez’s Venezuela ‘supplies half of Britain’s cocaine’ Now we know why Ken Livingstone was always so chummy with Oogo. He was doing it for the City’s economy!

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A Brief History of Laughing At the World's Biggest Jerks

The Times – A Zimbabwe joke is no laughing matter<br/> Tyrants may try to ban it, but humour has a way of seeping through the cracks of any dictatorship, by Ben Macintyre Heard the one about Zimbabwe? A policeman stops a motorist and asks for a donation: terrorists have kidnapped the former Sir Robert Mugabe, […]

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And Then They Came For the Comics

From Ezra Levant’s blog, a webcast interview with a Toronto comedian who hosted an open mic night in Vancouver has now got a BCHRT complaint against him for hurting the feelings of some Lesbians (NSFW, but not exactly offensive either, and I think it’s worth hearing from the man and the people who are clearly […]

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The Shoes Alone Could Be Worth A Thousand Conversions

This made me laugh: The Times – Comment: Not Prada, but still very 2008 Times expert says Pope Benedict is no fashion victim, and might even be a fashion leader Pope Benedict XVI is not your most obvious nomination as style icon. In his papal cassock he hardly cuts the continental dash of a brooding […]

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It'll Never Be Me

The Times – Why can’t we have high-speed trains? By Matthew Parris The speed indicator at the end of the cabin reads 301 km/h, though I feel no rush as I recline my seat. Outside, one of those glorious, blank, luminous midsummer twilight skies seems so fixed, so tranquil, that we could be motionless. But […]

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I'm Way too Sick to Be Delicate Enough to Think of a Title For This

The Times – Sperm donors: the father figures<br/> The ending of anonymity for donors has reduced sperm supplies dramatically Like so many of Man’s best-laid plans, the Government’s attempt to give children conceived from donated sperm the right to trace their biological father has gone astray. Eh… Thump, thump, thump.

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One Man's Quiet Autumn Stroll Is Another Man's Macy's Parade

Telegraph – Zimbabwe: a glimmer of hope for my homeland, by Graham Boynton Finally, after years of obfuscation, hand wringing and so-called “quiet diplomacy”, Africa is beginning to raise its voice against its most errant son, Robert Mugabe. Obfuscation? Hand-wringing? “Quiet diplomacy”? USA Today – August 2007 – Mugabe cheered at African summit Zimbabwean President […]

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