From Ezra Levant’s blog, a webcast interview with a Toronto comedian who hosted an open mic night in Vancouver has now got a BCHRT complaint against him for hurting the feelings of some Lesbians (NSFW, but not exactly offensive either, and I think it’s worth hearing from the man and the people who are clearly nonplussed by the whole kerfuffle):

One line from the accused: “Here’s the hot topic guys, we’re so PC you can’t be an asshole. How can I be arrested if I’m an asshole?” How can you be a comic if you’re not an asshole?

Best (or most salient) line, the one webshow host saying right after that, “But what is it that you said that we’re not allowed to say? I didn’t know there was something we’re not allowed to say. We’re comics, man.”

Curtsy: Brett McS.

Those of you with delicate sensibilities, or sharing a computer with those that do, I’m just going to put my faith in your net-nannies to do my censoring for me.