Rod Liddle in The Sunday Times (I’m skipping the item about how pedophilophobia (hey is that a word yet cuz it should be) is poisoning relationships between children and adults):

The BBC which was once, according to the former director-general Greg Dyke, “hideously white” has now become equally hideously black. Samir Shah, an executive director of the corporation, accused the BBC of “rampant tokenism” in stuffing its programmes with truckloads of ethnic minorities – and he didn’t just mean Crimewatch. Too often, dramas and soaps have a few ethnics bunged in them to keep up the important “black count”, regardless of whether they are of any relevance to the plot. Quite often the wrong ethnics, too, as Shah jubilantly pointed out. This derives from guidelines and targets laid down by the BBC’s legions of “diversity” staff – the same people who once told me, when I was an editor, that I should put more stories on the radio which showed Africa in a “positive light” instead of all this “stereotypical” stuff about famine, genocide and tyrants. So, forget Darfur and Zimbabwe – here’s some happy black people playing their drums or feeding goats.

Samir, as you may have guessed from the name, is of Indian descent, and cannot abide the pointless political correctness towards ethnic minorities, which he believes has been foisted on the viewing public by the BBC’s white, liberal, public-school elite. Well said – make this man director-general right now. And a prize for the first white BBC employee to make the same sort of point . . .


Both the following people are foreigners with criminal convictions who wish to be in Britain: one is considered a threat to the fabric of our society and will not be allowed in, while we’re so worried about the other one that we pay out nearly £50,000 a year in benefits. You have to guess which is which. The first is American Martha Stewart, the “domestic goddess” who served five months in prison for “obstructing justice” over share dealing, whose books have given pleasure to millions. The other is a Jordanian, Abu Qatada, sentenced to life in his own country for terrorism and described in a British court as being “at the centre in the UK of terrorism activity”. Tough one, isn’t it?