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Motherfish Attenborough

Museum Victoria (Oz) – Mother fish Today the team announced its latest discovery: a remarkable 380 million year old fossil placoderm fish with intact embryo and mineralised umbilical cord. The discovery, published in Nature and one of the most significant ever made by Australian scientists, makes the fossil the world’s oldest known vertebrate mother. It […]

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Peter Recommends XCI

Gizmodo – Lego Secret Vault Contains All Sets In History I walked in on him watching the video last night and his eyes were like glittering saucers.

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Exotic Preambles to Negotiation

The Times – Comment: intervention in Zimbabwe is the only solution<br/> The idea that Mugabe will cave in to sanctions or diplomatic pressure is absurd, by David Aaronovitch The Australians were kicking out the kids of Zanu (PF) officials being educated in Oz. The EU would be freezing bank accounts. The African Union and the […]

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Yearning for Crayons

This is a pretty good read, and is good for catching up on everything that’s happened since the media got distracted and moved on (it seems like the spring was just one Big Story After Another, what with this, then the monsoon in Burma, then the earthquake in China). But that’s why Rush calls ‘em […]

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Remember the Holodomor!

The Times – Ukraine: Long Memories<br/> The millions who starved under Stalin should not be forgotten This year marks the 75th anniversary of the famine, known as the Holodomor, in which millions of peasants perished owing to Stalin’s forced collectivisation of agriculture. Ukraine’s authorities are erecting a series of national monuments. Russia objects Natch. But […]

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Backyard Wedding Open Thread II

This seems an appropriate first article to come back to: The Sunday Times – Bollywood calls in Rambo for strike on US cinema SYLVESTER STALLONE, the star of the Rocky and Rambo films, is to become the first well-known Hollywood actor to star in a Bollywood movie. Stallone’s fellow action hero Arnold Schwarzenegger, now governor […]

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Backyard Wedding Open Thread

Well, we haven’t even left yet and it’s already looking like the weekend’s going to be a shambles (no time to rent a car, up half the night turning the ball of stress over in my stomach and listening to the STUPID tankers honk at each other all night, probably going to miss the wedding […]

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Now Finding a Defibrillator Near You

Instapundit: QUESTION: Could a defibrillator have saved Tim Russert? “NBC News has declined to comment on whether an automated external defibrillator, or A.E.D., was nearby at the time of Mr. Russert’s collapse or why a defibrillator wasn’t immediately used.” Huh. Why keep mum? And this is clearly right: “One of the many lessons from Mr. […]

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Absolutely the Funniest Item of the Day CLXXVIII

Times Online – Comment Central – Top Ten Communist Jokes Congratulations Comment Central readers. The results of our Communist joke competition are in and you did us proud. A copy of Hammer and Tickle will shortly be winging its way to Tom Freeman for the following offering: 1) Three workers find themselves locked up, and […]

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Never Fear, the Pedophiles Are Here!

Poor Zimbabwe. Stuck between an insane octegenarian (and what does he have to lose?) and a West that can only summon enough bravery to merely suggest the possibility of broaching the subject of some day potentially sending in an ill-equipped, badly-organized group of would-be soldiers with a tendency towards sexual exploitation of the 12-year-old female […]

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The Day's Important Reading

So this afternoon I had my eyes checked, and in between getting myself a bubble tea and that, I had some time and went to the library for the first time in forever (my reading habits are all screwed up). I wandered amongst the cookbooks, but there was nothing new, the travel books, but there […]

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In Which I Declare My Solidarity With Gauloise-Smoking DJs

The Times – French smokers abandon bars, clubs and restaurants for private parties Smokers in France are uniting to beat a ban on lighting up in public by organising open-house parties where they can puff on their Gauloises until the early hours. The parties, held in flats and houses but also in clandestine clubs, often […]

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Stacking the Ironies Like a Drunken Game of Jenga

Telegraph – President Barack Obama would be bad for Britain, by Irwin Stelzer As British and most other foreign observers see it, Barack Obama is the second coming. Perhaps not of you-know-who, although in his victory speech Obama did describe his triumph in the primaries as “the moment when the rise of the oceans began […]

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Oh So When France Does It…

The Times – France: Aux Armes<br/> Sarkozy outlines his new strategic vision Cutting the strength of the French Army by 24 per cent seems, on first sight, an odd way of modernising France’s armed forces when Afghanistan and the demands of peacekeeping are straining the military capabilities of most Nato members. But President Sarkozy’s ambitious […]

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Peter Recommends XC

Now this is how you quit a job: Valleywag – Stewart Butterfield’s bizarre resignation letter to Yahoo

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