Two more reviews. The first grudging:

Wheat & Weeds – Hello, Wall-E

The second teary-eyed:

Lileks – Bleat

Tying the two together, in Lilek’s post:

As for the ecological message: a few people got undie-bundies over it, but for heaven’s sake it’s a parable. Any civilization capable of interstellar travel isn’t going to be done in by excess trash. They can warp it out or blast it. The products of consumption society are the things that give Wall-E’s life meaning, just as the empty pursuit of consumption is the flaw that saps meaning from the lives of the survivors. It’s a matter of perspective.

Watching that clip again, I realized again how amazing the animation is. The style, the quality, the colours, the lighting, the movement, the emotion, the gags, the timing, all of it. While you’re watching it you forget to notice all that. Which is of course Kermode’s point about Pixar movies.

I like his AWESOME BABE comment. And the point about Princess Charming. The fact that Disney (Disney!) managed to pull that off without me noticing, much less rip the upholstery off the theater seats with my teeth and then throw it at the screen like a giant red velvet spit ball, shows how incredible Pixar is, and how good their army of anti-Disney-Executive ninjas and assassins is.