So I’m heading downtown later to go see WALL-E with Peter and most of his office at the Cinerama. So I wanted to call to ask about how best to avoid the downtown-movie-theater lines (love ‘em, but not at dinner time), and on their webpage is:

Investor, philanthropist and Seattle native Paul G. Allen has a fondness for the Cinerama Theatre that began in his youth, viewing films there such as “Battle of the Bulge,” “2001: A Space Odyssey,” and later, “Blade Runner.” When he heard that the Cinerama might close to become a rock-climbing club, dinner theater or parking lot, he signed a “Save the Cinerama” petition in hope of preserving this important piece of Seattle’s cinematic history. Shortly afterward, he gave more than his signature to save it—he became the owner of the only remaining Super Cinerama theater in the world.

Huh. Fun.

Update (6.28):

So that was a really, really good movie (and the short at the beginning was the best!). I wasn’t expecting so many humans, and for a moment I thought “Is this going to go there?” but it didn’t. Peter could have done without the live action and the presidentialesque stuff, but I didn’t care. But best of all, and on the day Bill Gates gave up his last executive positions at Microsoft, the Apple start-up chime got the biggest laugh.