I’ve been meaning to get to this for days.

The Telegraph – Katie Couric is right to criticise sexist US, by Catherine Elsworth

Katie Couric, America’s highest earning television news anchor, has whipped up quite a storm with her comments that she, like Hillary Clinton, is a victim of sexism.

The presenter of CBS Evening News (who has a 72 million dollar five-year contract to host the show) told an Israeli paper she found herself in “the last bastion of male dominance and realising what Hillary Clinton might have realised not long ago: that sexism in American society is more common than racism and certainly more acceptable or forgivable”.

The 51-year-old, whose news show trails in the ratings, has not surprisingly been bashed for that “last bastion” comment. Plenty of other male-dominated jobs where women face arguably tougher challenges spring to mind. …

All women in the public eye, including Couric, are subjected to savage scrutiny of her appearance, wardrobe and personal life.

And yet since our Katie got to be America’s highest earning television news anchor because of her “appearance, wardrobe, and personal life” (or rather, for being blond, perky, and, ah, female (let’s not forget why she made an appropriate counterpart to Matt Lauer (and let’s also not forget she got her Today job because the previous babe had a baby))), I’d say there’s a trade-off there.


The NYT ran a story on sexism in the media in the “Style & Fashion section!