The Times – I don’t want to be treated by a dyslexic doctor<br/> She is not being discriminated against. She is being weeded out, Stephen Pollard

But a 21-year-old medical student, Naomi Gadian, takes a different view. Ms Gadian is dyslexic and is suing the General Medical Council because it uses multiple-choice tests as part of its qualification procedures. As a dyslexic, she finds them difficult. And she says that this means she is being discriminated against.

Forgive me, Ms Gadian, but you’re missing the point. You’re not being discriminated against. You’re being weeded out. It’s quite deliberate. If you can’t read or write sufficiently well to pass a multiple-choice test, you shouldn’t be a doctor. …

I’m sure that Ms Gadian is a lovely, caring woman who would, if it were not for her inability to pass the tests designed to see if she would make a good addition to the medical register, be a good addition to the medical register. But not everyone can do everything, and if she can’t pass her tests, she can’t practise.


Oh well. I’m sure she’ll be on the medical register soon enough.