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SMH – Starbucks closes 61 shops, cuts 700 jobs

ALMOST 700 employees of the coffee chain Starbucks will lose their jobs on Sunday after the company yesterday announced the closure of 61 of its 84 Australian stores.

Starbucks employees were told of the closures during 28 meetings around the country. They were given little more than 24 hours’ notice to attend and were not told the reason for the meetings.

The American company admitted it had struggled in Australia’s “very sophisticated coffee culture” and said the announcement was unrelated to its closure of 600 stores in the US this month.



According to the SMH, Starbucks operates …

… more than 16,000 stores around the world …

But times are tough for the once-omnipresent coffee chain. Only eight paragraphs later:

Starbucks operates more than 15,000 coffee shops around the world.

Astonishing to think that only 700 employees ran those 1,600 stores. Or whatever.

At any rate, teach them to sell Lilith Fair albums and then contribute to the oppression of women! Wired Magazine has an article about some incredible new coffee maker that’s being made here in Seattle that Starbucks here in Seattle’s purchased, but fat chance will I ever go in there. Plus it amuses me that the author is at the Queen Anne Starbucks up the road here and the idiot teenager screwed it up.