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A Couple Blades Short of a Wind Turbine

The numbers in this were interesting: Sunday Telegraph – US gets ready to blow its economy away, by Christopher Booker Both candidates (McCain & Obama) favour a version of the proposed “cap and trade” scheme to slash US greenhouse gas emissions to 63 per cent below 2005 levels, at an estimated cost by 2030 of […]

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Putin On the Blitz (©Brett McS)

First, cribbing from CDR Salamander: From The Corner, I quote VDH in whole; Patience… We are a little more than a week into the crisis, and already Russia has already gotten itself more than just fights with Georgia—but also issued creepy threats to Poland over missiles, and to the Ukraine over naval bases. Putin has […]

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I've Been At a Party In the Saratoga Hills

Plus a whooole bunch of other stuff.

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Putin's Little War

Why yes, I have been aware of the no-longer-the-president-but-why-should-that-ever-matter of Russia’s excursion into Russia. Recap! Wheat & Weeds – “Remake” Plus: Wheat & Weeds – Don’t Know Nothin’ ‘Bout Georgia & Russia? Read this. Wheat & Weeds – McCain: We’re All Georgians Here’s a summary of what appears to be happening. Watch what Russia does […]

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Demonstrating the iPhone WordPress App

We have a priest from New Zealand visiting and he’s new to blogging so I’m showing him some thrilling new options.

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The IOC Can Still Be Brought?

Telegraph Blogs – Peter Foster – The Beijing Olympics is bringing the IOC into disrepute I imagine that for those watching in Britain through the misty-eyed lens of the BBC, the Beijing Games are living up to expectations. The view from the pressroom, however, is altogether gloomier. In fact, it’s fair to say that the […]

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Slough Living

Telegraph – Watch out, or we’ll all be living in Slough, by Dan Kieran Poor old Slough. This feels like kicking a dead dog but my point is that Slough’s ‘success’ is precisely why it’s such an unattractive place to live. Something the marketing men who are no doubt being paid great fist-fulls of cash […]

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A Box of Frogs on Anthrax

The Times – If Los Alamos is secure, I’m an A-bomb<br/> LA Notebook: amazing stories are emerging about the security and safety of an atom bomb factory, by Chris Ayres [A]fter 20 years and $350 million, scientists at the vast 40 sq mile atom bomb factory in the New Mexico [Los Alamos] desert finally plugged […]

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Let's Riot

The Times – A festival of grovelling to terrorists<br/> If works of art are withdrawn because of fear of reprisal, we lose the chance for open debate, by Mick Hume Have you heard about the first novel by a young American woman that has become the “new Satanic Verses”, sparking terrorist attacks on the publishers […]

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The Bits They Left Out of the Rough Guide

The Times – Going on holiday? Learn ‘tourism-speak’<br/> My phrasebook for the English-speakers holidaying in the UK, by Michael Gove How did he know?!

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The Smiling Face of the Revolution

Times Online – China banned child singer with crooked teeth from singing at opening ceremony (click for the pictures) The cute little girl whose sweet-voiced rendition of one of China’s favourite revolutionary anthems started off the Olympic opening ceremony performance may not have been all that she seemed. Little Lin Miaoke, it has been revealed, […]

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So This Is How Old a Bride I'll Be

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Send In the Clowns

The Sunday Times – Final word<br/> Now for the dance of the H&S inspectors China set the tone for this year’s Olympics with its breathtaking opening ceremony on Friday and, in the process, created a problem for the London 2012 team. Barely had the final firework spluttered before British officials were studying their wallets gloomily […]

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Hôtel Rwanda

The Times – France and genocide: the murky truth<br/> How far was Mitterrand’s Government involved in the slaughter of hundred of thousands of Rwandans? By Linda Melvern (the author of Conspiracy to Murder: The Rwandan Genocide) There is remarkable television footage shot in the first days of the genocide in Rwanda. It shows a large […]

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Justice! (and Lawyers! and Bureaucrats!) Prevails!

Ezra Levant – Punished first, acquitted later My lawyers have just received a copy of a letter from the Alberta Human Rights Commission dismissing the complaint of “discrimination” filed against me by the radical Edmonton Council of Muslim Communities. They had complained that by publishing the Danish cartoons of Mohammed in the Western Standard in […]

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