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Absolutely the Funniest Item of the Day CXC

Curtsy: American Digest. The above goes really well with this, at Instapundit: A READER AT A MAJOR NEWSROOM EMAILS: “Off the record, every suspicion you have about MSM being in the tank for O is true. We have a team of 4 people going thru dumpsters in Alaska and 4 in arizona. Not a single […]

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That's One Way to Stop the Iranian Nuclear Program

LGF – Pirates Die Strangely After Hijacking Iranian Ship

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Mexican Homeowners and Wayne Rooney's Boots

Apparently Jeremy banks at AIG: The Sunday Times – Don’t let banks lose your money – do it yourself, by Jeremy Clarkson As you can imagine, the past two weeks have been most enjoyable. No wait. That’s the wrong word. I mean blood-in-my-feet, dead-faint-half-the-time terrifying. As I sat there on that horrible Monday, watching the […]

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Newman's Own

We went to Safeway today for a jar of tomato sauce. We weren’t the only ones.

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At Least a Third of Them

Hehehe: The Times – We survived the last banking Armageddon<br/> The 1931 crash casts a grim shadow over the present financial crisis. History Notebook by Graham Stewart The spectre of 1929 hangs over the present financial crisis. Indeed, the City of London’s exposure to America’s toxic debts makes reference to the Wall Street Crash inevitable. […]

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Because I'm Easily Amused

I’ve had Thursday’s Times Comment section open till now because I couldn’t bear to close it, so I’ll just link to it now so I can close it, because their three leaders were: Nuclear Power<br/> EDF’s historic purchase of British Energy is good for energy security and the nuclear industry, but it may be bad […]

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How the Afghan Dam Taliban Man Ran

Remember this? The Times – How we got a 200-tonne turbine past the Taleban<br/> The ingenious plan to bring electricity to two provinces of Afghanistan was one of the biggest logistical operations by the Army since the war, by Rufus McNeil

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Aid to Switzerland

The TImes – We can no longer afford to fund the corrupt<br/> The UN rails against the banks, but the aid industry has been just as reckless in its lending and spending, by Camilla Cavendish Biting the hand that feeds the world doesn’t seem like a great strategy. But at the United Nations, it’s normal. […]

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How To Be a Junkie

The Times – Heroin is hard work. You don’t drift into it<br/> Shooting up is a complicated business. You don’t try it just because your favourite singer did, by Martin Samuel So this is how to take heroin. To begin with, dilute it in water, citric acid or vitamin C. Heroin comes as a powder, […]

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Peter Recommends XCIV

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Wire Stories

The Corner – Just Asking . . . by Jay Nordlinger Consider the opening sentences of this AP report: Sarah Palin played it safe Sunday on her first trip as John McCain’s running mate to the battleground state of Florida. She went to perhaps the easiest place in Florida to get a large Republican turnout, […]

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Arbitrating My Aunt Fahima

I kind of let this pass by before (I was kind of off getting married, so sue me): The Times – Sharia courts are extending their reach<br/> The longer we acquiesce in the spread of Islamic law in Britain, the more it will happen, by Stephen Pollard Sharia may not be enshrined in English law, […]

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Peter Recommends XCIII

Auto Blog – Paris Preview: Fiat Abarth 500 esse esse revealed WHY NOT MEEEEEEEEEEEE

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Keep an Eye On Your Lobsters

I thought this was very funny: Telegraph – New Yorkers might not like the rich, but they do need them, by Tom Leonard ‘Your husband doesn’t work in the money markets, does he?” This was almost the new doctor’s first question to my wife last week. It was a friendly inquiry, no possible subtext of, […]

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The Times – It’s just as wrong to use drugs as it is to sell them<br/> George Michael has been treated far too leniently, by Ross Clark Imagine being a latterday Pontius Pilate presented with two offenders and faced with a dilemma: which to grant a second chance and which to sentence to a long […]

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