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Proper Counties

I had a productive day, and then had a delicious dinner at Wann Izakaya (Mondays are all-day happy hour!!!) so I’ll limit myself to just this, this evening: Michael Gove, Conservative MP for Surrey Heath, in The Times: [T]he whole idea of county distinctions has been eroded in our lifetimes. It used to be the […]

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Apocalypse Delayed; Mechanics Working to Repair

Telegraph – Large Hadron Collider to be turned off for two months following damage Two months?! That’s a lot of bubble teas!

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Financial Canneries

The Sunday Times – It’s the ordinary folk who carry the can The danger confronted by Hank Paulson, America’s Treasury secretary, was of a financial system ceasing to function with devastating consequences for the United States and the rest of the world. The danger for Gordon Brown was of being forced into a nationalisation that […]

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In Which Somebody Finally Answers That Stupid Question Properly

In an interview in that tower of journalism, USA Today: She and [Ralph] Fiennes had never met before the film and in the movie have no loving, or even coolly affectionate, scenes together. His duke lavishes warmth on his dogs but dismisses her. Her duchess shacks up with a younger and far more attractive lover. […]

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Anatole's Q&A

The Times – After a breathless week, I’m optimistic again<br/> Fears of bank failures and financial panics should soon disappear as the US Treasury takes radical new steps, by Anatole Kaletsky Oh gawd I don’t understand short-selling at all. Even after all of Peter’s kind lectures on the subject (and how does he know about […]

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Tzipi Livni Played by Julia Stiles

In The Times: The secret life of Tzipi Livni: How the woman set to be Israel’s new leader earned her spurs as an agent working for a covert cell in an elite spy unit Ms Livni, a fluent French speaker and daughter of renowned Zionist guerrillas, served her time in Paris when the city was […]

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Carbon Offsets Trading

At the American Digest

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There's Bush Doing You All a Favour

BBC – Shares surge on US bail-out plan The London stock market ended a week of turmoil with its biggest one-day gain after the US government unveiled a plan to bail out the financial system. With a video of Bush’s speech. Poooor BBC. Anyway, meanwhile, at the Volokh Conspiracy: One interesting aspect of the recent […]

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I saw the headline, the subheadline, scrolled down and BAM there’s #10. And that’s all I need. Times Online – 10 Books Not To Read Before You Die<br/> The producer of at least three television shows that you may quite like shares with us his definitive list of books that just aren’t worth the bother […]

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Genius Italian Unions Negotiate Themselves Out of an Airline

Glorious: Times Online – Italian national airline Alitalia collapses The bankrupt Italian airline, Alitalia, collapsed today after a consortium of Italian industrialists withdrew its offer to buy the carrier. Silvio Berlusconi, the Prime Minister, said: “We are facing the abyss.” Luigi Angeletti, head of the UIL union, one of three unions that had accepted the […]

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Surging Open for Chinese Business

The Times – How General Petraeus led Iraq out of its darkest moment<br/> But the Washington consensus of cutting troop numbers puts the gains of the surge at risk, by Rosemary Righter When he assumed overall command in Iraq in February 2007, General David Petraeus described the situation as “hard but not hopeless”. It is […]

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Way More

The Times – Intergalactic fallacy<br/> There are more than 42 reasons not to add to the hitchhiker’s guide Great Zarquon’s ghost! It is news to greet with a Pan Galactic Gargle Blaster; the cocktail equivalent of having one’s brain smashed by a slice of lemon wrapped around a large gold brick. Eoin Colfer, creator of […]

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Barack v. Basil

Slate – Pakistan Is the Problem<br/> And Barack Obama Seems to Be the Only Candidate Willing to Face It. By Christopher Hitchens “Don’t mention the war,” as Basil insists with mounting hysteria in Fawlty Towers. And, when discussing the deepening crisis in Afghanistan, most people seem deliberately to avoid such telling phrases as “Pakistani aggression” […]

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In the Hedge Row

The Times – Why aren’t hedge funds failing as fast as banks?<br/> Because they have different types of ownership,says. And that shows that the markets are not to blame for the financial crisis, by Chris Dillow Before the credit crunch started, countless experts warned us that hedge funds were a source of “systemic risk”. They […]

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Open Squirrel Season

An amusing tale, by Robert Crampton, second item, in The Times: Squirrel secret I was at the pub yesterday, Indian summer, lovely evening, enjoy smoking, so I sat outside overlooking the park. The couple at the next table spent the whole time cajoling and controlling their two terriers, which were being driven to distraction by […]

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