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A Brief History of Ungrateful Little Monsters

WSJ – Nestled in the Lap of Luxury, by CHRISTINE ROSEN Retailers mentioned (linked here for Heart-of-Darknessesque gawking purposes): Pottery Barn Kids, Baby & Child Restoration Hardware, Garnet Hill Kids, Posh Tots, and Tea Collection.

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Revising My Travel Plans

So the holidays are coming and I need to devise a way to get to California and the Canadian Rockies, plus my cousin lives in Austria now and who wouldn’t want to take advantage of that, plus we owe Peter’s Italian family a visit since none of them made it to the wedding, plus there […]

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El Rushbo in the Telegraph

It’s very long, but very good (his little cat! I remember that tragic episode…): Telegraph – Rush Limbaugh: The man who’s always Right<br/> Global warming? A hoax. Barack Obama? A disaster. John McCain? A winner. So says Rush Limbaugh, America’s most listened-to and influential – not to mention richest – radio personality. But will America […]

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Changing Change and Football Analogies

The Times – America isn’t about to become liberal heaven<br/> Yes, Americans will be voting for Obama and change. But they don’t want radicalism, just competence and decency, by Gerard Baker On Wednesday morning, unless the political equivalent of a giant meteorite hits Earth before then, Democratic supporters in America, in happy union with almost […]

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The Tale of the Hero Pensioner

I think you all know my soft spot for little old men… This one’s got it all. Times Online – Hero pensioner thwarts sledgehammer-wielding London raiders As two balaclava-clad raiders tried to smash their way into a jewellery store in the middle of the day, a poppy-wearing pensioner was not high on their danger list. […]

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Transitioning Early

Times Online – Barack Obama lays plans to deaden expectation after election victory One senior adviser told The Times that the first few weeks of the transition, immediately after the election, were critical, “so there’s not a vast mood swing from exhilaration and euphoria to despair” Good grief.

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Spreading American-Style Democracy Through the Islamic World

Wheat & Weeds – Turkey Adopts The Fairness Doctrine

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Caesar's Wives and Press Corps

The Times – Let my social life affect my work? Never<br/> How pompous, how unself-aware we are, in the modern media, by Matthew Parris I agree to record a second short interview about Corfu, Lord Mandelson, George Osborne, oligarchs, yachts, canapés etc. Now I put on my severe face and gravely opine that what these […]

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Not Creepy:

I think it’s a bit cathartic cuz I think I teared up a little. The complete lyrics are on the YouTube page. Update: In other news… TMZ – T.I. Finds Loophole — Dude CAN Vote?! That’s kinda funny. Timing and all.

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80 vs. 20

The Daily Beast – Sarah Palin’s a Brainiac, by Elaine Lafferty (former editor-in-chief of Ms. magazine) The Daily Beast – So Long, Democrats, by Wendy Button (Obama-Edwards-Clinton-Biden speechwriter) (Brilliant line, but not intended to represent the point of either article so please do read the whole things: “This back and forth is posturing, a charade, […]

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A Strange Sort of Whistleblower

LGF – LA Times: ‘We Keep Our Promises’ “The Los Angeles Times did not publish the videotape because it was provided to us by a confidential source who did so on the condition that we not release it,” said the newspaper’s editor, Russ Stanton. “The Times keeps its promises to sources.” It’s a strange source […]

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Raise Your Hand If You Suddenly Find the NYT Unexpectedly Conservative

The New York Times: endorsed a Republican presidential candidate as recently as 1956.

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Raise Your Hand If You Suddenly Find Slate Magazine Unexpectedly Conservative

Slate Magazine: As many ineligible English interns as McCain voters. Kind of a fun exercise, tho.

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"The Water Method"! Hah!

I take no pleasure in criticism of the man (have you seen North & South? /swoonerific!), but, well… The Times – The Water Method Man<br/> For pity’s sake, let actors stick to acting The actor Richard Armitage, a new member of the cast of Spooks, for the sake of verisimilitude (and, let’s be honest, for […]

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Peter Recommends XCVI

MTV Music: Evidently they finally noticed they haven’t played music videos in over a decade and that they should really put all of it somewhere.

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