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Absolutely the Funniest Item of the Day CXCVI

I’m in an unbelievably foul mood. I’m surrounded by charlatans, spies and assassins all! So, here, have a little Abbot and Costello in Typography:

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Toto, I've a Feeling We're Not in California Anymore

An entirely different sort of Atherton: Telegraph – Giant spider eating a bird caught on camera The pictures aren’t too gruesome, and they serve a worthy purpose in dissuading any of us from ever visiting Queenslandish gardens…

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Perhaps We Could Submit Ours in Clerihew Form

The Corner – Where Have All the (Right-Leaning) Playwrights Gone? By Maggie Gallagher Alison is a 48 year old Harvard graduate who is now director of American Revolutions (snazzy title that!) at the Oregon Shakespeare Festival in Ashland — one of the largest repertory companies in the country, which produces 11 plays a year. The […]

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Mild-Mannered Maryland Mother Proves She Can Get It Done Without Needing Her Pashtun Skills

Wheat & Weeds – $2.79

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Rest of the World Beware: We're Crap at Apologies

Telegraph – Blogs – Gerald Warner – Why should America elect Barack Obama as an apology to the rest of the world? “We owe the rest of the world an apology for the last eight years. We can start to make it up by electing Barack Obama.” Those words, spoken to a Daily Telegraph reporter […]

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Trains! XVI: A Personal Conflict

I found a new favourite site: Ballotpedia! It’s great: it tells you about the measure etc, arguments for and against, and the supporters, editorials, and top five contributors for and against. For instance, on Prop 5, I found I had the option of voting against George Soros or against Martin Sheen. Since Martin Sheen’s doing […]

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Story "Advice" Sought, Granted

NYT reporter lurks outside of school gates trying to exploit children for political ends. Cindy McCain’s lawyer “pushes back”: These allegations and efforts to hurt Cindy have been a matter of public record for sixteen years. Cindy has been quite open and frank about her issues for all these years. Any further attempts to harass […]

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Absolutely the Funniest Item of the Day CXCV

New Zealand vs. Scotland Curtsy: HalfEmpty I like rugby.

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Americans Ruining the World, One Playground At a Time

The Times – How American motherhood ruined my life<br/> We’ve been set impossibly high standards when it comes to raising children. What’s wrong with benign British neglect? By Janice Turner Meanwhile, The American Academy of Pediatricians is recommending parents double the amount of Vitamin D they give their kids because we’re using AAP-recommended sunscreen and […]

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On Life's Little (Nationalisation) Ironies

The Times – In 1931, banks were top of Labour’s hit list<br/> Financiers were a target for being too conservative, now they have been nationalised for not being conservative enough, by Graham Stewart It is surely a bittersweet moment for British socialism: 77 years after the Labour Party first fought a general election pledging to […]

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Absolutely the Funniest Item of the Day CXCIV

“Lehman Brothers Protest” Curtsy: Brett McS.

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Pull Over. Right Now. Just Walk Home. Seriously.

Wheat & Weeds: “Venezuela’s & Iran’s economy on verge of collapse”: Deutsche Bank says that next year Venezuela and Iran require that the average price of oil remains at USD 95 C’mon people! We can do this! Update (10.17): Wheat & Weeds, doing her part! Update (10.19): The Times – The Axis of Diesel<br/> The […]

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Britain In the Bucket Business

The Times – How the old country bailed out the New World, by Gerard Baker Made in Britain. Driven in the USA. It might sound like an advertisement for the remnants of the UK car industry, but it’s a pretty good description of the proposal unveiled yesterday to bail out the American banking system. Henry […]

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Islamic Iraq and Assyrian Christians (and American Hypocrites)

Telegraph Blogs – Holy Smoke – Assyrian Christians fight to save themselves from the new Islamic Iraq, by Damian Thompson Assyrian Christians – members of a Church so ancient that it still speaks Aramaic, the language of Jesus Christ – will demonstrate outside the Iraqi embassy in London tomorrow (Sunday) against a sneaky change to […]

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Austrian Incest Update

Telegraph – Josef Fritzl declared clinically sane and fit for trial After receiving the forensic psychiatrist report, Austrian prosecutors are now completing the charges, which will include rape with impregnation, incarceration, coercion and incest. Mr Fritzl is also facing charges of manslaughter for the baby that died, and also of slavery, according to an antiquated […]

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