I think you all know my soft spot for little old men… This one’s got it all.

Times Online – Hero pensioner thwarts sledgehammer-wielding London raiders

As two balaclava-clad raiders tried to smash their way into a jewellery store in the middle of the day, a poppy-wearing pensioner was not high on their danger list.

But as they tried to break the toughened glass with sledgehammers the brave gentleman, one of 50 shoppers in the immediate area, decided enough was enough and walked forward, struggling with one of the men before pulling the mask from his face.

The suspect turned around and was said to be stunned that he had been confronted by an old man. The pictures show his accomplice looking over, equally shocked, as the pensioner made a stand outside the Richmond branch of Ernest Jones in southwest London.

Worried about being identified, the two raiders – described as two black men aged between 18 to 20 – ran off, dropping their sledgehammers in their haste to escape.

The pensioner then smiled at the equally stunned crowd and calmly walked away to catch a bus. …

A spokesman for Scotland Yard said they were called at 12.45pm yesterday, and officers were appealing for people in the area to come forward. They said that, although only one man actually attempted to stop the raiders, there were “a number of people in the vacinity”. Anyone with information is asked to call Richmond CID on 0208 247 7142.

If you know who the hero pensioner is, contact Adam Fresco on 0207 782 5999

A man interviewed said, ““It would not surprise me if he was a veteran because he was very smartly turned out and wearing a poppy.”