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How to Shag a Sheep: Adventures in Modern Journalism

Good heavens. As Mark Steyn himself says of it, “This is a long piece but it does have underage sex and bestiality in it. So enjoy!” Steyn Online – THE SHAGGED SHEEP If I were celebrated toilet photographer Warren Kinsella or leading Canadian Internet Nazi Lucy Warman, I’d sue. But I’m not. Nor, despite a […]

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Well, It Is Cursed After All

This is really cool: The Times – Star exhibit in Smithsonian is long-lost gem looted from Louis XVI The discovery of a lump of lead in Paris has enabled experts to prove that the Hope Diamond, a star exhibit of the Smithsonian Institution in Washington, is the long-lost centrepiece of the crown jewels of prerevolutionary […]

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The Terrorist Damian Green (MP Ashford)

This also happened whilst I was gone, but mostly seemed to be a lot of frothing in The Telegraph. I’m glad it hasn’t been: The Sunday Times – An arrest to shame Whitehall and the police When police raided the London home of Damian Green it led to “the most shocking six hours of my […]

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The Times of Bombay

Well, there’s been some drama in the world while I was off eating. So, let’s catch up. First, a few of the more important things I read over the past couple of days: The Times – Bombay: wealthy owe lives to hotel’s cummerbund heroes<br/> Staff shielded guests from gunmen’s bullets As the terrible events of […]

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A Man and His Boy and His Sister

Well I’m home. I’ve had some Chinese. Time for an early night I think. So here’s something Brett McS sent along: Dad tells 5-year-old, ‘You did the crime, you walk the line’ A [Northern] TERRITORY man has been making his five-year-old son walk two-and-a-half hours to school every day, after he was kicked off the […]

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Part 3 of My Black Friday

San Gregorio Beach, after a terrific drive over from Menlo Park via Portola Valley.

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Part 1 of My Black Friday

My mother needed a new computer. And iPod charger (to replace the one my sister had that she lost), and new wireless but we ended up skipping that.

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Turkey is Soporific

Oog, why did I decide to leave this until after dinner? Good night, everyone, hope your turkeys were excellent, and the mall traffic is good to you tomorrow.

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Hope, AR and Changing Very Little

They’re rewriting our song: “Clinton Clinton Bush Bush Clush-Binton-Blama” it’s all so confused! Iowahawk – Obama Names Bill Clinton to Presidential Post WASHINGTON DC – Ending weeks of speculation and rumors, President-Elect Barack Obama today named Bill Clinton to join his incoming administration as President of the United States, where he will head the federal […]

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And Jacob Zuma Relies On Showers

Times Online – Mbeki Aids denial ‘led to deaths of 365,000′, report claims According to UN figures, South Africa today has 5.7 million people – almost one in five adults – who are HIV positive. Over 900 people a day die as a result of AIDS. But while its neighbours Botswana and Namibia suffered Aids […]

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Police Dash Cams: Car Crash Clip Shows and Canadian Fireballs

So a meteor/meteorite hit Saskatchewan over the weekend, and the flash (“Massive fireball lights up night skies”) could be seen as far south as Calgary and as far north as Fort McMurray and, in between, Edmonton:

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Well, Venice Will Be Happy

After being pestered about it during all this crazy building they’ve been doing (the international community’s line going something like, “Dudes, you don’t have that much oil”), Dubai yesterday finally shed some light on their financial situation, and, whoops: Concerns have mounted in recent months that Dubai is on the verge of collapse after embarking […]

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Willkommen I Mean Welcome Back Canada!

Happy happy news (hurrah for some not-entirely-useless Conservative politicians in the world! (seriously, read that link)): Mark Steyn: Ezra Levant and I and a few others went nuclear on the Dominion’s thought police and gave them the worst year of publicity in their three-decade existence. The result is that, earlier this month, over 99 per […]

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Absolutely the Funniest Item of the Day CCII

I was reading this in the departures lounge yesterday, surrounded by reading elderly ladies, snoozing babies, and the dulcet tones of CNN’s Situation Room in the background, and started laughin’ like a fool: Wheat & Weeds – The Barely Perceptible Nod Of Peace I once worked for a man who hated the kiss of peace […]

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Electoral Math: 6.2% vs. 1.4%

American Digest – The Gay Cowards Parades Picking fights with African-Americans just isn’t the done thing — especially in the penumbra of good feelings the election cast across the landscape. The linchpin of the gay agenda has always been the tenuous linking between the gay experience and the African-American experience. Nothing can be allowed to […]

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