Times Online – Mbeki Aids denial ‘led to deaths of 365,000′, report claims

According to UN figures, South Africa today has 5.7 million people – almost one in five adults – who are HIV positive. Over 900 people a day die as a result of AIDS.

But while its neighbours Botswana and Namibia suffered Aids epidemics of a similar scale to South Africa and took action, Mr Mbeki refused to provide his people with the essential medicines to save lives, the report said.

He claimed that, rather than being a viral disease, Aids was caused by malnutrition, and that anti-retroviral drugs were toxic.

He also pushed the view that the concensus opinion of Aids was driven by the powerful vested interests of Western scientists, government and drug companies. He accused them of racism in targeting African countries, it adds.

He and Reverend Wright oughtta get together and go bowling. Or maybe they already have.

Here’s the Zuma reference, for those of you whose ninmemories may reach as far as May ’07, but not August ’06…

God, what a mess. Oh, Peter had a great idea for a book after the story about the bone-marrow treatment curing the guy in Germany: So they come up with a cure for aids, and then 10 years in the future Africa isn’t totally screwed up. Obviously a science fiction.