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Seattle In the News VIII: Olympia Edition!

Instapundit again: GUESS WHO HECKLED MUKASEY: The story of last week’s Federalist Society dinner gets weirder. It appears that the man who heckled Attorney General Michael Mukasey–shouting “Tyrant! You are a tyrant!”–was a Supreme Court justice from Washington. Don’t worry, it wasn’t Souter or Breyer. We’re referring to the other Washington. There was a time […]

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La Vie en Neon Rose

The Times – Why the French maid is about to clean up – and save her nation from economic ruin Mrs Gomes Ricardo, 38, costs €25 a hour, but 50 per cent of that can be deducted from income tax under the government policy of promoting domestic services. She is paid about €12 an hour […]

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A Comedy of Piracy

Bret Stephens: Year-to-date, Somalia-based pirates have attacked more than 90 ships, seized more than 35, and currently hold 17. Some 280 crew members are being held hostage, and two have been killed. Billions of dollars worth of cargo have been seized; millions have been paid in ransom. A multinational naval force has attempted to secure […]

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Times Online – Only known painting of Lucrezia Borgia discovered in Australian gallery Awesome.

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In-Flight Wifi, Is It

A strange moment yesterday at San Jose airport: Waiting for my mother to pick me up, standing curbside, I waited for Google Reader to load, and was rather confused to look down again after scanning the traffic for a moment to see a blue page with lots of whippy-around elements instead of Google’s pleasingly anonymous […]

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On the Way to San Jose

Ahh, what a lovely sight…

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If the Big Three Don't Get Their Bailout, Maybe Renault Will Move In For the Kill

Telegraph Motoring – Heating up the horizon<br/> As manufacturers scramble to give us more for less, the future looks hot – for those cool enough to pull it off, by James May I’ve already driven my first small car with a hot engine — the Renault Twingo 133 – and I absolutely love it. It’s […]

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How to Lose Friends and Alienate People

Poor old Conrad Black: From my cell I scent the reeking soul of US justice First, the good news: I write to you from a US federal prison. It is far from a country club or even a regimental health spa. I work quite hard but fulfillingly, teaching English and the history of the United […]

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Happy V-I Day!

I’m not totally sure what this is meant to accomplish (something tells me Obama hasn’t been downgrading all his campaign promises so he can sign this into law his first day in office), but there is a natty graphic, which can only help: Zombie has some links to “a few of the best, most informative […]

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And So Much For the Rule That You Don't Hire Anyone You Can't Fire

The Times – No drama? With Hillary aboard? Forget it<br/> The Clintons have a knack of turning politics into their own personal stage. The President-elect must be aware of that, by Gerard Baker [W]ith his election as president, Mr Obama surely demonstrated that the victory was his and his alone, and that the country would […]

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Bah, Humbug, and Good Night

Instapundit: MEGAN MCARDLE ON CHRISTMAS AND THE ECONOMY: “The only good thing that I can possibly think of about this financial crisis is that it may break the rat race of constantly ratcheting consumption, which has surrounded most Americans with nice things that don’t really make them happy. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with buying whatever […]

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Getting Bogey Back

Roger L. Simon and Lionel Chetwynd discuss the de-manning of movie males (and where Bogey goes, so goes Lauren Bacall).

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Broccoli and Cigarettes

AACR: Raw Cruciferous Vegetables Cut Lung Cancer Risk Mmm, broccoli. Mmm, cigarettes. I make a lot of broccoli (and a fair amount of cauliflower), and Peter and I always happily munch away while it’s still raw (he prefers it raw), and I rarely cook it past a nice crunchy bite. So this is perfect!

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VDH In a Grouch

Not that I blame him. The whole thing is worth reading, but I’ll pick my favourite two. PJM – Ten Random, Politicially-incorrect Thoughts, by Victor Davis Hanson 2. Hollywood is going the way of Detroit. The actors are programmed and pretty rather than interesting looking and unique. They, of course, are overpaid (they do to […]

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A Brief History of Barbary Piracy

The Times – Barbary pirates struck as far north as Iceland<br/> Bribery was no answer to the coastal raids. History Notebook by Graham Stewart Skipping the million or so kidnappings and getting right to the entertaining bits (the end of this really made me laugh): The Church organised payment for their release: collection boxes were […]

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