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Requiem for Hercules

Bubblehead’s adorable and infamous cat Hercules left us yesterday. If, like me, you’re taking the news hard, let Bubblehead’s boys’ beautiful ode to their kitty diffuse your heavy feelings:

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2008 in Musical Review

Curtsy: Vanderleun. With Coldplay orchestra (but not, thankfully, Chris Martin’s vocals) underpinning the whole thing, I wonder how this video will look once all the music in it is horribly dated. It makes the year seem quite melancholy and beautiful. Which, I mean, come on.

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Setting the Tone for the New Year

Flipping off Bill Maher’s audience: More please. Curtsy: Tim Blair.

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And the Annual Picture of the Sydney Opera House

<br/> Reuters Happy New Years, Oz!

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2009: The Year of Alan Titchmarsh

The Times – What’s coming the world’s way in 2009<br/> Recession or recovery, general election or not? More intolerance, fewer workaholics? We predict the year ahead Libby Purves A cultural prediction: recession will bring revulsion at the sour aggressive tone of the affluent years, as audiences demand gentleness and warmth. Affable comedy will outsell sneers; […]

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Bobby's Donkeys

Some more light reading: The Times – Road to freedom is paved with dead donkeys<br/> Zimbabwe Notebook by Jan Raath

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Barbie at 50: A Brief History of Toy History

A good read: Telegraph – Doll power: Barbie celebrates 50th anniversary and toy world dominance Even at 50 Barbie shows no sign of slowing. The former model, whose cv runs from palaeontologist to presidential candidate, is worth $3 billion a year and looks better than ever. She’s had a bit of work done, but she’s […]

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Lefties: Nonsensical and Never Happy

Mark Steyn explains what the world expects of us: And how does the rest of the world, of whose tender sensibilities then-Sen. Obama was so mindful, feel about the collapse of American consumer excess? They’re aghast, they’re terrified, they’re on a one-way express elevator down the abyss with no hope of putting on the brakes […]

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Peter Recommends XCXI

Ground Zero: Google Maps and Nuclear Weapons I dropped a Tsar Bomba on Seattle. It started (randomly) over Sydney, I don’t know why. I have no therapeutic need to nuke a google map of Sydney.

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The Middle East Morality Play

The Times – Gaza is more than a simplistic morality play<br/> The Zionist dream of reclaiming the biblical lands is over. But Israel will still lash out when it feels threatened, by Mick Hume There is a tendency to reduce the Middle East to a simplistic morality play where Good battles Evil, projecting our own […]

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And Anyway, At That Age, Isn't It a Bit Moot?

Telegraph – Care home for elderly Christians in gay row<br/> A care home for elderly Christians has had its council funding halted after residents refused reveal if they were gay, lesbian or bisexual. The pensioners claimed the questionnaire from Brighton & Hove city council asking about sexual orientation – as part of its “fair access […]

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World Condemns, Yadda Yadda, Waitin' On Obama

The Sunday Times – This bloody stalemate in Gaza must be broken The bomb raids, thought to be the most intense since the 1967 six-day war, will go on “as long as necessary”, Israel said. A response to the rocket attacks had been widely expected, although few could have guessed at the scale or the […]

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Why Americans Don't Do Panto

The Times – How panto became part of Christmas<br/> Past Notes: look at Widow Twankey and think of the Lords of Misrule, by Graham Stewart It is worth asking how magic beans, Mother Goose and the Widow Twankey joined the supporting act to Christianity’s greatest festival. After all, panto is not a tradition that can […]

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Hurrah for the Hurrah for the British Museum

The Times – Briton of the Year<br/> Neil MacGregor has not only turned the British Museum into the country’s most popular attraction, he has made it perhaps the best museum in the world Today the British Museum can justifiably claim to be perhaps the best museum in the world, a museum that is inventively exploring […]

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The Butterfly in the Moth Balls

The Times – Pity the retail butterflies soon to be crushed<br/> No one will mourn the purveyors of useless tat. But the recession will also kill off proud sellers of small shopping delights, by Janice Turner In a spangly new Chelsea arcade I bought my mother-in-law a bathrobe. It was one of those intimate boutiques […]

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