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Telegraph – Doll power: Barbie celebrates 50th anniversary and toy world dominance

Even at 50 Barbie shows no sign of slowing. The former model, whose cv runs from palaeontologist to presidential candidate, is worth $3 billion a year and looks better than ever. She’s had a bit of work done, but she’s no passive bimbo and she’ll fight like a cat to see off any pretenders to her throne. Eric Clark, granted rare access to Barbie’s inner sanctum, tells the story so far.

I love Barbies. I always did. (I’m into the clothes, so what.)

I’ll never understand why Barbies are so dangerous to little girls/society/Islamic morality (just kidding about that last one!) any more than any other toy/breakfast cereal/name-your-Saturday-morning-TV-marketing-blitz. She’s a damned sight better for kids than the Rugrats (or whatever hideous kids’ phenomenon has moved into that slot). I mean, what kind of aesthetic is that going to instill in the future generation? At least Barbie is nice to look at. Neat, well-turned out, and actually done damage to when one takes a pair of scissors to her.