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On Santa's Lap and Christmas Parties

The Australian – Be very afraid, but not of Santa, by Rod Liddle IN Santa’s grotto at a top London department store, Santa in his big white friendly beard sits on a bench and there is a large X marked on the bench a safe distance away where the child is firmly directed to sit, […]

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Seattle's Snow and Ice Solution: Tofu

Seattle PI – When it’s time to clear roadways, Seattle holds the salt, But some say environmental focus can miss the bigger problems The set up: Workers have dropped 8,500 tons of sand on city streets to try to make roads more passable during this most recent snowstorm — that’s more than has been used […]

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British Foreign Service: Excitement, Travel, and Free Art

The Times – Mystery as dozens of public artworks vanish Works of art worth hundreds of thousands of pounds are missing from British embassies and other official buildings around the world. At least 50 paintings from the Government Art Collection are unaccounted for, according to the latest audit. None was insured. Some are known to […]

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Spear Throwing Lessons in All US High School PE Classes

The Times – Pittsburgh Pirates snap up Indian spearchuckers The story reads like one of Bollywood’s less credible scripts: two struggling javelin throwers from impoverished Indian villages have been plucked from obscurity to become star pitchers for a Major League American baseball team. Dinesh Patel, 19, a right-hander, and Rinku Singh, 20, a left-hander, may […]

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In Which I Have Satisfied My Evolutionary Objective

Congratulations, exclamations, advice, home remedies, old-wives tales and college fund contributions are all welcome in the comments or else to ninme at ninme dot com. We’re looking at an August 1st deadline for the Scottish Nationalists to get that house lined up for me. Merry Christmas!

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Pirates of Silicon Valley

I arise from my incredible Christmas eve dinner of couscous with pine nuts and tagine of chicken, apricots and prunes with a salad of rocket, vine tomatoes and grilled haloumi cheese, followed by a dessert of baklava and mandarin oranges ($1.99/5lb box at Safeway, which is stuffed to the gills and desperate to get rid […]

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Salt: "A Difficult Chemical"

I’ve been twittering about the obnoxious local news’ attitude about the snow but I’m going to need a longer format. Other people have noted already Seattle’s refusal to use salt. American Digest The icy streets are the result of Seattle’s refusal to use salt, an effective ice-buster used by the state Department of Transportation and […]

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Dirty Minds, Innuendo, and BBC Headlines

Telegraph Blogs – Christopher Howse – More sex please, says Pope Where on earth did the BBC get its radio news headlines: “Pope Benedict XVI has said that saving humanity from homosexual or transsexual behaviour is just as important as saving the rainforest”?… Pope Benedict is keen on saving rainforests and things. “The ultimate basis […]

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Shoes for St Nick

The Times – Yes, the shoe is mightier than the grenade<br/> One may protest in Baghdad, but not Damascus. That shouldn’t be forgotten as we evaluate the legacy of the Iraq war, by David Aaronovitch I won’t quote it, since it’s wide-ranging and covers everything from projectile shoes, WMDs, and the spirit of anti-history.

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Zimbabwe, Congo, Britain, and On and On it Goes

The Times – The Failure of Quiet Diplomacy<br/> While Robert Mugabe believes that he is untouchable, the Foreign Office believes it would be a mistake for Britain to get tough. It is mistaken The world has watched the slide towards starvation and collapse in despair. At each stage, Britain, the former colonial ruler has muffled […]

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How to Lose Readers and Alienate Money

Telegraph Blogs – Stephanie Gutmann – Is it over for the print media? Institutions like General Motors may be tottering but so are institutions like the New York Times (which, as pundit Jonah Goldberg put it is “weeks from holding editorial board meetings in a refrigerator box”) and the Chicago Tribune which is probably going […]

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The Anti-Sniffle; Plus: a Brief History of Accelerated Timetables

The Sunday Times – Britain has lost the stomach for a fight, by Michael Portillo The fundamental cause of the British failure was political. Tony Blair wanted to join the United States in its toppling of Saddam Hussein because if Britain does not back America it is hard to know what our role in the […]

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Sniffle XLVI

Brett McS sent this to me the other day: Special Forces deal a blow on Taliban in Afghanistan We will find you. We will hunt you down. Your time is limited. Australian Special Operations Commander, Major-General Tim McOwan in a rare briefing, summarising 524 days of combat since the special forces returned to Oruzgan province. […]

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I'm Dreaming of a Whiiiiiiite Christmas…

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WaPo's Glory Days: If Only We'd Noticed

Wheat & Weeds – I Truly Regret Mark Felt’s Passing ‘Cause now we’re going to have to read about Watergate and its Significance and the Loss of American Innocence. Again. As if the Washington “Remember when we brought down a President?” Post didn’t already use any excuse at all to relive its glory days. Sigh. […]

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