Curtsy: Wheat & Weeds and her “little intervention”. I admit, I didn’t get very much done today. I have a regular itinerary on Thursdays. I get up, I get some necessary sustenance (coffee, an English muffin (or, as with this morning, two), etc) settle into my chair here, and before I do anything else (except open iChat; it’s necessary that iChat be open): go to The Lost Diary and read and “ooh” and “ahh” and “hmm” and paste the juicy bits into iChat for Peter and me to go over again. It’s great fun.

Some years ago (season 3, at any rate) I read an article about the cultish power of Lost which mentioned a radio station in LA reading out loud a weekly “Lost Diary”. So I did a google search for “lost diary” and found… TMZ! Yes, this is how I discovered TMZ. Every morning-after-Lost, I’d go to TMZ and hit reload until Daniel-from-TMZ (as I call him) had uploaded his Lost Diary (afterwards I might peruse the rest of the page, but it took a while before I started visiting TMZ for its own sake, but lately I don’t go back as much, but that’s another story). The comments in those early, halcyon days were wonderful. They were few enough that they were manageable, but numerous enough to really get the theorizing juices flowing. Then after a series or so things got unwieldy as TMZ’s popularity increased and the comments turned into about 15 “First!”s and whole bunch of “this show sux u guyz r loosers” and not a small number of “Who’s Kate? I bet she’s Jack’s mother but they’re all hallucinating in a coma so he doesn’t recognize her and it’s in another dimension on another planet and soon the aliens will set them free!” (or whatever). Then Daniel-from-TMZ started a whole blog just for The Lost Diary and only the original core people moved over, and all was well again. Then things started getting a little ridiculous but the Writers Strike put an abrupt end to that and then the Diary was quiet for months and months and months. Then last week, just like clockwork, Daniel-from-TMZ was back! And all the morons had lost interest and forgot! And it was just the core cool people again! Ahh, I’m so happy!

So, unless you’re an idiot or a troll (unless you don’t leave comments in which case I don’t care (after all, I never leave comments either)), I highly recommend you spend your Wednesdays getting psyched up for Lost and your Thursdays hitting reload at The Lost Diary and then happily wallowing in all the hypothesizing goodness.