Telegraph – Revolutionary Road: It’s just snobbery to say the suburbs lack passion, by Charles Moore

The novel, which is beautifully written, is rather cruel and condescending to the world it depicts, but at least it makes it clear that the true enemy is not suburbia in itself, but the tragic fact of life that the search for truth and authenticity can itself be untrue and inauthentic. For Yates, April, the one who searches the hardest, is the most unreal. She is always acting a part – being in love, feeling hatred, even being alive.

Perhaps because Kate Winslet is married to the director, Sam Mendes, the film misses this.

I saw the preview for this in a Bellevue theater. Bellevue being where other affluent, aspirational McMansion-packed suburbs go to die. And Kate Winslet and Leo start screaming at each other about how bourgeois and despicable and unalive this Bellevue audience’s lives are and lord, it was excruciating.