The Telegraph – Theyve gone nut’s Telegraph View: Birmingham City Council should reinstate the apostrophe.

Birmingham City council has decided that its road signs and place names should no longer have apostrophes because they cause confusion to those who do not understand how they should be used. King’s Norton, for instance, will become plain Kings Norton and St Paul’s Close will no longer be possessive. Just imagine Wren’s cathedral without the apostrophe to see how ludicrous this is. Councillor Len Gregory, who made the decision, said he did not see the point of the apostrophe. What a defeatist position to adopt in a week when the illiteracy of a quarter of our population has been exposed. Increasingly, our children will only ever see the apostrophe in its stray form, as in “theyre nut’s”. If you want to see the apostrophe rescued please sign our online petition at