My mother once said (when I was putting on my shoes to drop some postcards off at the mailbox by my grandmother’s house in Edmonton) that having your mail collected from your house by your mailman is a uniquely American luxury.

And why should it be? Why can’t we have the shared communal experience of cheerfully walking past our neighbors’ houses to drop our mail off at the friendly shiny mail box, greeting those other correspondents? Why is it that the only way to recreate the experience (because the only people who use mail boxes are letter bombing domestic terrorists) is because Macy’s is trying to lure shoppers in by setting up a shiny mail box to cynically cash in on childhood innocence?

Anyway, it’s expensive and I’d like getting my Netflix on the weekends, thanks.

Fox News – Postmaster General: ‘Six-Day Delivery May Simply Prove to Be Unaffordable’