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Blowing Past Three Dimensions Straight Onto Ten!

“Woah” -quoth me, last week when I saw this. How To Imagine The Tenth Dimension<br/> How To Imagine The Tenth Dimension – Watch more How-to

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I Wanna Baby Elephant!

Curtsy: LGF (I like his title: Baby Elephant Plays with Blue Ball, Cuteness Warps Fabric of Space and Time)

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600 Private Jets Flew to Washington For the Inauguration

Democrats don’t need to carpool. They have carbon offsets. The Corner – Byron York: Limbaugh Responds to Obama

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Now Look Who's Having to Work For It

The Times – Pond Life<br/> If Britain’s relationship with Washington is to remain in any sense special, it will have to be based on substantive cooperation, not history Now more than at any point since the Cold War, there is a strong argument for regarding improved translatlantic relations as a central goal of British foreign […]

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In Praise of the Little Technology Addicts

The Times – Don’t worry. Kids are smarter than we think<br/> The modern age is held up as desolate and dangerous for children. But this generation will thrive just like others, by Janice Turner That our children are healthier and safer, have closer relationships with their parents (especially fathers) than any previous generation, have travelled […]

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Nature Reserves: Preserving Millionaires in Their Natural Habitat

I saw this: The Times – Protect this jewel in the Indian Ocean’s crown Free from contact with Man, the Chagos Islands’ coral reefs teem with rich, diverse life. They must become a giant nature reserve, by Frank Pope Coral reefs, the colourful rainforests of the ocean and home to a quarter of fish in […]

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Tinseltown Tops Four

The nominations are in! And I have seen so many of the movies this year I’m going to go a little crazy and do my nominations now. The movies I’ve seen are in bold, my nominations (based one what I think will win, not my own personal preferences) are listed with each category: • Best […]

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Tiddly Winks: Your All-Purpose Every-Woman's Guide to Getting Responsibly Sozzled While Pregnant

For background, see yesterday’s post. I’m stocking up on my facts, figures, and disgusted scoffs before tonight’s party. The Times – May 2007 – Zero: the new alcohol limit in pregnancy The new advice radically revises existing guidelines, which say that women can drink up to two units once or twice a week. Fiona Adshead, […]

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By Popular Demand (of 1): My Review of Michelle's Dresses

First, may I say, Michelle Obama is way better looking than Jackie Kennedy. I always thought the proportions of Jackie’s face were a little weird. Her eyes were too far apart. If she wasn’t expensively clothed, she’d have been a different woman. She was thin, and under 40, and that wasn’t exactly the norm. But […]

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Give Up, It'll Never Happen, It's All Hopeless, and Other Fatalist Phrases

RC2 just linked to this: The (Seattle?!) Examiner – Dump the drinking age and let 18-year-olds have a legal beer But as those of you who have been following my ranting on Twitter this afternoon… Four couples at the company (out of the 9 in permanent relationships and biologically capable of procreation) are pregnant. And […]

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Modern Politics in Imperial Rome

The Times – Barack Obama – he’s Emperor Titus 2,000 years on<br/> Sulky Tiberius was just like Gordon Brown. In fact there are ancient and modern parallels wherever you look, by Natalie Haynes Cute.

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The Saddest Little Kitteh You Ever Did See

But soooooooooo cute!!!

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Rich Man Poor Man Thick Man Harman

I thought the Brits hated us? The Sunday Times – Stuck fast in the myth of social immobility, by Dominic Lawson So, first of all, haven’t we already seen a theory that those at the bottom of the rung in newly-socially-mobile Britain might be there not because social mobility has become more difficult, but because […]

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On the Importance of Either an Education or Lying Well

This is cute. The TImes – Pretending to be a school pupil: not a bad idea<br/> Past Notes: the story of Brendan Bracken shows what can happen, by Graham Stewart

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The Future: Scuppered

The Times – Now stand by for the flying parking ticket…<br/> …and the flying speed hump and the flying bus lane. Because the bureaucrats will make sure this idea doesn’t fly, by Giles Coren Surely there is no pairing of words in the English language more exciting than “flying car”. At least if you’re a […]

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