USA Today – Pew: Almost half of Americans want to live somewhere else

“City residents disproportionately are more likely than people living in other types of communities to say they would prefer to live in a place other than a city,” Morin says. “Fewer than half of all city residents say there is no better place to live than in a city.”

A smaller proportion of women express the desire to live in the nation’s largest cities. “Women are less drawn to big cities,” says Robert Lang, co-director of the Metropolitan Institute at Virginia Tech. “It could be safety.”

Gee, you think?

I’m not saying I want to move to the suburbs (well, certain suburbs…), by why would any woman want to surround herself with screaming crack addicts, street-dwelling schizophrenics, posing gang-bangers, drug dealers, and the sorts of people that invade your personal space on every street corner because you’re an easy target and probably easily cowed? If I lived by myself? Without even a decent shopping district to compensate? No thank you.

Curtsy: Instapundit, who also points out (“wait, I thought urban life was authentic and satisfying”) it might be the crappy local government (ahh, Democrats).