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Vickie X Update

Telegraph – Victoria Cross hero Johnson Beharry condemns failure to care for veterans The British Army’s most decorated serving soldier has accused the Government of failing troops suffering from mental trauma as a result of combat in Iraq and Afghanistan. Hmmm. I have had an article open all week now, and just closed it. Figures. […]

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Letting the Dutch Teach Sex Ed

The Times – Children having children<br/> England and Wales can tackle teenage pregnancy – with a minor social revolution Early, comprehensive sex education combined with easily available contraception have helped to give the Netherlands the lowest teenage pregnancy rate in the West. But these are not the only factors, nor the only benefits. By requiring […]

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Cook Porn II

The company that made our fridge (made by Kiwis!) came out with a new, under-the-counter model:

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Smarmy Non Apology Rejected!

The Times – Vatican rejects ‘apology’ from Holocaust-denial bishop Richard Williamson “The Holy Father and my Superior, Bishop Bernard Fellay, have requested that I reconsider the remarks I made on Swedish television four months ago, because their consequences have been so heavy,” Bishop Williamson said in a statement released by the Zenit Catholic news agency. […]

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Jackie Chan in: The Tale of the Looted Palace

The Times – Jackie Chan comes out fighting for China’s looted sculptures after YSL sale Jackie Chan, the action film star, has thrown his weight behind Beijing’s efforts to shame France over the sale of two looted Chinese sculptures that were part of the Yves Saint Laurent collection. The bronze rat and rabbit, removed when […]

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Wire Services (and Use Thereof) Getting Up My Nose Again

I find this really astonishing (why are we still reading these things?!): Power Line – NO SUCH THING AS A REAL TERRORIST? We’ve commented before on the fetish that many reporters and editors have for the word “alleged.” I’m starting to think, though, that when it comes to terrorists, our newspapers now reserve judgment on […]

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Loewe Sound

My kind of ad:

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Broken Britain?

Daily Mail – The moment innocent man was killed by shoplifter in supermarket queue-jumping row A frame of CCTV footage shows a woman, Antonette Richardson, pointing at a man who cut in front of her in line at Sainsbury’s, and simultaneously her boyfriend, Tony Virasami, pulling back his fist to punch a completely different man, […]

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Time Wasters for Smart People

Brett McS drew my attention to this, via Jonah Goldberg’s “Odd Links“, “Thousands of free video lectures”: Academic Earth – Thousands of video lectures from the world’s top scholars With everything from “The Nature of Persons: Dualism vs. Physicalism” from the Philosophy department at Yale to “The Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs” from the […]

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Absolutely the Funniest Item of the Day CCVII

Not the sentiments expressed by my beloved Mr Freeman, but the look on Wallace’s face: Morgan Freeman on Race and Black History Month<br/> Curtsy: Wheat & Weeds

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Rime of the Ancient Long-Line Fisherman

The Times – Majesty at Sea<br/> The campaign to save the albatross is a remarkable success that should be copied Save the albatross, don’t turn into undead-zombie-ghosts!

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Slumdog Facts 'n Figures

The Times – Build and Learn<br/> The routes out of poverty for India’s real slumdogs are surprisingly straightforward The slum in which the year’s most successful film is set is based on a real one. Dharavi, home to a million people, covers an area slightly larger than Hyde Park in the middle of Mumbai with […]

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School Trips to Baghdad, Anyone?

The Times – Looted and Found<br/> Six years on, a great museum is reborn Happy news!

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Plus Ça Change, Plus Meet the New Boss

Worthy reading: The Times – The War on Terror goes on, whatever we call it<br/> Binyam Mohamed may have been maltreated, but that doesn’t mean that the threat from Islamic theocracies is not real, by David Aaronovitch

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Finding Nemo

Melanie Ried in The Times, third item: Celtic connection I feel sorry for English rugby fans, because they miss out totally on the camaraderie of the oppressed and the beaten. Even when they are actually beaten. The Scots, of course, are expert in the dark art of finding the fellowship of the fallen everywhere they […]

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