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Plus Ça Change, Plus Meet the New Boss

Worthy reading: The Times – The War on Terror goes on, whatever we call it<br/> Binyam Mohamed may have been maltreated, but that doesn’t mean that the threat from Islamic theocracies is not real, by David Aaronovitch

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Finding Nemo

Melanie Ried in The Times, third item: Celtic connection I feel sorry for English rugby fans, because they miss out totally on the camaraderie of the oppressed and the beaten. Even when they are actually beaten. The Scots, of course, are expert in the dark art of finding the fellowship of the fallen everywhere they […]

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They Still Make Statues!

I’ve never been so relieved… The Times – Memorial statue reunites Queen Mother with her ‘Bertie’ It has been more than half a century since King George VI died, more than half a lifetime since the Queen Mother was left a widow by his untimely death. Today they were reunited once more as a memorial […]

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Prawo Jazdy's 50 Driving Offences

We went out to dinner with one of Peter’s coworkers. It turned into a late evening. So, I’ll simply leave you with this sublime story, sent to me the other day by Brett McS: AFP – Ireland cracks case of worst Polish driver

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Oscars Live Blogging

Right so, could they spend any less time with Angelina and Brad? Oh but I’m glad Miley Cyrus got her half hour in. Anyhoo, gonna revisit my guesses now while there’s time: • Best Picture: “Slumdog Millionaire”<br/> • Actor: Brad Pitt, “The Curious Case of Benjamin Button“; except I think I’m switching to Mickey Rourke, […]

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Cleverness and Bureaucracies

Last week I linked to a rather tedious newspaper account of Mark Steyn’s testimony to the Ontario commission looking at the Human Rights Court thing. This one is much better: Rick McGinnis – testify

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And Now I Feel Like Making a Strawberry Jam Sandwich

The Times – Cometh the hour, cometh the jam sandwich<br/> Sweet, cheap and comforting. With its new jam sarnie, M&S has surely launched the snack for our recessionary times, by Giles Smith So that’s an economic look at food. For a food look at food, there’s also a bunch of unlikely looking “British” recipes from […]

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Absolutely the Funniest Item of the Day CCVI

Verizon Math Fail:<br/> At first I was a little sympathetic, because if I was sprung with the problem all of a sudden by a customer that clearly knew something I didn’t and was making me nervous, I’d probably get a mental block too and just not see it. But that was until his manager got […]

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In Defense of Ahnuld

Rich Lowry gets a note from the Governator’s deputy chief of staff, Matt David: One of the key facts that you failed to mention is that year over year spending under Governor Schwarzenegger has been held to lower than any governor in modern history (3.9%) and this includes debt repayment incurred by spending of Governor […]

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Rules For Chimps

Power Line – IT’S OFFICIAL If the President is a Republican, it’s fine to call him a “chimp.” In fact, it’s morally superior. But if the President is a Democrat, you can’t call a chimpanzee a chimp lest someone think you might have been referring to the President. It all makes perfect sense.

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Absolutely the Funniest Item of the Day CCV

A little pep talk for the Iraqi police: Ah, language alert. Curtsy: LGF

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Honor Killings vs Domestic Violence

Middle East Quarterly – Are Honor Killings Simply Domestic Violence? by Phyllis Chesler Read the whole thing, but it includes this handy graph: Honor Killings Domestic Violence Committed mainly by Muslims against Muslim girls/young adult women. Committed by men of all faiths usually against adult women. Committed mainly by fathers against their teenage daughters and […]

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Le Café

le Café – Oldelaf (english subtitles)by Boebis Curtsy: Wheat & Weeds.

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On Americans: Ice Cream Bars and Not Sleeping in Guard Towers

CBC – A Soldier’s Story: Going to war with the Yanks

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Greasy Food

The Times – It’s called ‘eating’. But bribery is devouring the heart of Kenya From the top of government to the petty official, everyone is on the take. The West cannot treat corruption as a sideshow, by Michela Wrong (whose book, It’s Our Turn to Eat: The Story of a Kenyan Whistle-Blower, is published this […]

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