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Praise the Lord and Pass the Tax Rebates

I found out Sunday that Peter’d never seen Disney’s Robin Hood. So of course I leapt to the computer and added it to our Netflix queue and we’ve just finished watching it. And, my, isn’t it an apt film for our times?! So I don’t think I’ve seen much Robin Hood in these latter, “adult” […]

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A Tale of Two Cardinals

The news, it does nothing for me today. But I found these two stories, nearly back to back, rather amusing: Telegraph Blogs – Holy Smoke: It’s still looking like Arthur Roche for Westminster. Time for a reverse ferret? by Damian Thompson American readers of this blog, and possibly some British ones too, won’t be familiar […]

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Absolutely the Funniest Item of the Day CCIX

No matter what the topic, these Downfall memes just make me laugh, and laugh, and laugh… Curtsy: Vanderleun.

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Liberté, Égalité, Profilé

The Sunday Times – Race obsession harms those it is meant to help, by Kenan Malik Unlike in Britain, where public institutions routinely collect information about people’s ethnic origins, it is illegal in France to classify people in this fashion. The foundation stone of the secular French republic is that all citizens should be equal […]

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The Pride of Crossword Puzzlers and Replica Enthusiasts

Mail on Sunday – The Wider View: Nazi codebreaker which shortened the Second World War by two years (with pictures!) All were destroyed for security reasons on Churchill’s orders after the war. This is a replica, built by 60 volunteers, which was fired up last Tuesday. At 61⁄2ft tall and running on no more power […]

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Catholics, Feminists, and the Institution of the Monarchy

Oh good lord, they’re wanting to fiddle with the rules of succession again… The Times – Act of succession<br/> The throne should not be denied to a monarch’s daughter Presently the rules of succession are clear, but not acceptable. As laid down by the Act of Settlement of 1701 they give precedence to male heirs […]

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It's 8.30 and Dark Out. Who Wants to Rob a Mariott?!

Wheat & Weeds – “Earth Hour” is Smart Business Mariott’s turning the lights out at its hotels. And here’s a list of buildings participating in New York City alone: Landmarks in NYC that will hit the lights on the 28th include: Empire State Building, Citigroup Center, Coca-Cola Billboard in Times Square, New York Life, Time […]

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Prudish Virtual Quoting

RC2 has already been all over the decision, while video game ads will have tightened restrictions (I guess the government has learned the wrong set of lessons from the infamous young Alfie Patten (and his hoor of a girlfriend). The Times – Listen girls: you’ll never regret not doing it<br/> Allowing abortion clinics to advertise […]

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World's Longest War Getting Lost

Speaking of Christians in dangerous parts of the world… The Times – Burma: world’s longest war nears its end It began with British betrayal after the Second World War and has stubbornly outlived every other conflict. But now, as it marks it diamond jubilee, the world’s longest-running war is nearing its endgame. The guerrilla army […]

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Christian Charity

Telegraph Blogs – Canon Andrew White: Iraq: The most dangerous place in the world for Christians The Christians of Iraq are some of the oldest and long standing Christians in the world. Here among these wonderful people is still spoken the language of our Lord. Ninety-eight per cent of my people at St George’s, Baghdad […]

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A Trilogy of Cheer

It’s a slow news day. I’m in a bad mood. We watched Wall-e last night, and it tends to make me melancholy. My Lost Diary won’t be updated till tomorrow. Some stuff to go with a day like today: LGF – Gitmo Inmates to Be Released in US, Given ‘Assistance’ President Barack Obama is not […]

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If the Eurozone is Troy, Who's the Babe?

Angela Merkel, I guess? The Times – Ten years on, the eurozone must beware of Greeks bearing debts<br/> The economic crisis has put the euro in danger of splintering. Member states must urgently agree the rules for a bailout, by Charles Grant These countries face two problems, which the crisis is making worse. First, government […]

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Neko Maru

Mask Maru:<br/> Maru Enters:<br/> I am Maru:<br/> Kind of out of order, but it’s the order I saw them in, and I like having the intro last. Isn’t she (or he) fluffy?!

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Peter Recommends CX

Autoblog – California to reduce carbon emissions by… banning black cars?! Huh. Makes sense, I guess. Poor Henry Ford tho, eh? Or they could fix their property tax issues and zoning laws so people don’t have to drive three hours a day to get to work. That would help reduce carbon emissions too. But oh […]

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Keep Calm and Carry On Rummaging In Your Neighbors Trash

…So we don’t have to be bothered coming up with a coherent policy to tackle extremism and stop the attacks ourselves. Boing Boing – London cops reach new heights of anti-terror poster stupidity (with pictures!) The London police have bested their own impressive record for insane and stupid anti-terrorism posters with a new range of […]

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