The news, it does nothing for me today. But I found these two stories, nearly back to back, rather amusing:

Telegraph Blogs – Holy Smoke: It’s still looking like Arthur Roche for Westminster. Time for a reverse ferret? by Damian Thompson

American readers of this blog, and possibly some British ones too, won’t be familiar with the phrase “reverse ferret”, defined as “a term used in the British newspaper industry to denote a sudden and complete about-face on an issue”. If Holy Smoke were to do one, it might read, Private Eye-style:

Bishop Arthur Roche: An Apology

We are sorry that, in reporting the actions of Bishop Arthur Roche, we inadvertently gave the impression that he was a power-crazed, Cinnabon-scoffing former ice skater who padlocks thriving parishes and sits plotting his next career move from his Gormenghast-style headquarters in Hinsley Hall. We now realise that, in the light of his appointment to Westminster, Bishop Roche is a cheerful, decisive, bluff but holy Yorkshireman who is orthodox in his teaching and loved by his flock. We are very sorry if we gave the wrong impression.

Telegraph Blogs – Holy Smoke: This guy is awesome: Cardinal DiNardo of Texas on why Obama should not be honoured by Notre Dame, by Damian Thompson

Do you want to know what a really first-class Cardinal sounds like? Then read an amazing letter by Cardinal Daniel DiNardo of Galveston-Houston, which elegantly explains both the Pope’s actions over the SSPX and why Barack Obama should not be honoured by Notre Dame University.

After I’d finished it, I punched the air and said: “This guy gets it!” A little weird of me, you may think, but I’d just spent a miserable few hours looking at the likely candidates to succeed Cardinal Murphy-O’Connor, none of whom really gets it.

Maybe it’s unfair. The American guy’s dressed as a cardinal. Clothes make the man. But so do hats and, really? A rainbow hackey sack on your head?