I found out Sunday that Peter’d never seen Disney’s Robin Hood. So of course I leapt to the computer and added it to our Netflix queue and we’ve just finished watching it.

And, my, isn’t it an apt film for our times?! So I don’t think I’ve seen much Robin Hood in these latter, “adult” years of mine, but it’s never actually occurred to me that he didn’t rob from the rich and give to the poor, he robbed from the government and gave to the poor. It’s actually all about taxes. So when you hear politicians (democrats) congratulate themselves on their Robin Hood policies, they’re actually being incredibly stupid, because the ones Robin Hood was robbing was the government.

The title, btw, is from Friar Tuck as he passes out the bags of gold to the prisoners as they’re sprung from jail. Golly they don’t make kids movies like they used to.