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My Swimsuit Travel Idea Gains Traction

See here: November 14, 2007 – Damned Friggin Right, Says the Thin One Matthew Parris, in The Times: Weigh to go Much fun (as a thinnie) going into battle on BBC Radio Wales on Thursday in defence of Ryanair’s proposed “fat tax” on larger passengers. My interviewer wailed that it would be humiliating at the […]

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Afghan Women, Military, Perfidy Back In the News

I feel like Afghanistan is even more forgotten than ever before these days. There are the stories about the first women’s rights protest since the 70s (‘Zara, an 18-year-old student, told The Times as men in the crowd lunged forward and screamed abuse. “This law is against the dignity of women and all the international […]

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The Evolution of the Right-Wing Fascist Death Beast

Instapundit: SO I HEARD SOME GUY ON THE RADIO saying that the Republicans have changed from the Reagan era — now they’re a bunch of social conservatives. But back during the Reagan era, I remember hearing that the Republicans were . . . a bunch of social conservatives. And back then they were pushing the […]

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The Deportation of St Anselme

The Times – We’ve only two days to stop a cruel deportation<br/> The case of Anselme Noumbiwa illustrates a moral crisis in Britain, by Tom Wright (Bishop of Durham) It’s 4.45 in the morning. Something is happening out on the street. Flashing blue lights, a car door, a woman’s voice, a child crying. The door […]

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The Battle at Chelsea Barracks

This is rather old news but I wanted to give a little space to applauding Charles’ latest heroics: The Times (April 19) – A Prince who just happens to be right The Prince of Wales is no stranger to controversy when it comes to architecture and he has fought some bloody battles over the years. […]

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State of Portent

I watched the BBC’s version of State of Play (I typically frown on American studios thinking we’re too stupid to sit through a British accent (helloooo, Harry Potter) and would prefer the struggling TV networks just buy the rights and play the original, like PBS does with all the Mystery!s and period dramas, but it’s […]

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Michelle as the Empress Josephine

The Times – After a year of no shopping, women are back<br/> Michelle Obama led the way. Now ASOS sales have doubled, by Alice Thomson Men may have got us into this recession but it is women who are going to get us out of it. Not because they are more practical or prudent but […]

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New Yorkers, At Least, Still Remember

NBC New York – Jumbo Jet, F-16 Buzz Lady Liberty, Put New York on Edge<br/> “I take responsibility for that decision,” said Louis Caldera, Dir. White House Military Office It wasn’t an attack, or even a drill — it was a government-sponsored photo op. The Pentagon did tell local authorities about the startling fly-over that […]

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Innit Loverly to Rain on the Plain in Spain

The Times – The Innit Generation<br/> Not every child can be eloquent; but each child deserves to be articulate The government review of the curriculum in primary schools to be published on Thursday will set out to tackle “word poverty”. It proposes to free the curriculum in order to teach unprivileged children language skills. It […]

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What Can You Do With a Muscle Car, When He Stops Being a Muscle Car?

With apologies to Irving Berlin. I just saw a headline Pontiac is being killed off by GM. Well let me tell you about Pontiac. We had a Pontiac G5 over the weekend from Budget. I wept for the Toyota Corolla we had from Thrifty three weeks ago. It had an mp3 CD player. But not […]

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While I Was Gone…

There were two posts over at RC2’s place I thought especially worth reading, and if you haven’t read them yet, you can spend your Sunday night or Monday morning reading them now! Wheat & Weeds – Tortured Questioning and Wheat & Weeds – Freedoms We’ve Lost Actually, and Wheat & Weeds – Or You Could […]

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Saturday in Edmonton: Random Thoughts

I forgot to wish our Antipodean friends a happy Anzac Day yesterday! I saw that Bea Arthur died today. That’s too bad. It was 2C this morning and snowing and then at 6:00 it got windy and by 8:00 it was a steamy 7. Our car is useless in most ways but at least it […]

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Three Parties and a Funeral

Actually two parties: a reception and a family dinner, but this morning we Skyped my cousin in Austria over breakfast, which I think qualifies. Anyway, open thread. Hey it’s 2C here!

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Airport Reading

Lookit what I just bought at the bookstore across from our gate!

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I’ve got another flight to Edmonton to catch tomorrow morning and I’m finding the logistics of packing just impossible to digest right now. So, here’s a picture of the awesome chicken yakisoba I made last night. Imagine a non-cellphone pic looking twice as delicious: Update: Brett McS has announced that he’ll be attending Abbey’s Bookshop […]

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